Red Hat

Fedora Project Is Hiring

As of today, Red Hat has an open position within the Fedora Project. This is a unique position, which offers the candidate the opportunity to combine strong engineering skills with leadership and volunteer management.

The candidate will be responsible for architecture, priorities, and roadmap of the Fedora Infrastructure Project, accountable ultimately to the Fedora Project Leader and the Fedora Project Board.

Red Hat dumping Nasdaq for NYSE

Red Hat expects its shares to begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange beginning December 12, the Linux seller said earlier this month.

The Raleigh, N.C.-based company said it expects the move away from the Nasdaq market "will increase Red Hat's visibility among investors, reduce trading volatility and offer more efficient pricing," said Chief Financial Officer Charlie Peters in a statement. The company's stock will be listed under the symbol RHT.

Bull and JBoss Form Strategic Partnership

Bull and JBoss, a division of Red Hat, today announced a worldwide technology and business partnership to accelerate the development and deployment of interoperable open source middleware solutions for enterprise service-oriented architecture (SOA). The partnership, which builds on Bull's existing alliance with Red Hat, is JBoss' first strategic partnership in Europe to include open source research and development collaboration and demonstrates both companies' leadership and commitment to open source software innovation.

Red Hat Drives Customer Value Beyond Linux

Red Hat today delivered more on the vision of Open Source Architecture by announcing plans to combine a virtualized operating system and a full set of building blocks for building service-oriented (SOA) solutions to provide a flexible, low-cost foundation for enterprise computing. Red Hat believes that virtualization and SOA are technology strategies that companies should adopt to realize long-term cost savings while increasing productivity and performance.

Red Hat Rejects Patent Agreement with Microsoft

Microsoft is in an awkward position now that Red Hat has slammed the door shut on any possibility of entering into a patent protection deal similar to the one Redmond has with Novell.

Red Hat and Nokia Collaborate on Carrier-grade Server System

Nokia's Networks Business Group chooses Red Hat Enterprise Linux as its primary operating system for carrier-grade server systems.

Red Hat Shares Fall 3.3%

If Tuesday serves as any indication, the third quarter may not be a good one for Linux king Red Hat.

On the same day that the company's Chief Financial Officer Charlie Peters said Oracle's (nasdaq: ORCL - news - people ) push into the Linux market--as well as Microsoft's (nasdaq: MSFT - news - people ) recent partnership with Novell (nasdaq: NOVL - news - people )--may hurt the company near-term, shares fell 3.3%, or 57 cents, to $16.96.

Red Hat Stock Climbing Back

Red Hat (RHAT) shares have come scratching back from their worst levels following the twin announcements that Oracle (ORCL) plans to offer maintenance service to Red Hat Linux users while Microsoft (MSFT) has teamed up with Novell (NOVL) to offer ways for companies to run both Windows and Novell’s Suse Linux on the same boxes. Nonetheless, serious concerns remain about how those developments will impact Red Hat’s business in the long run. And those concerns are going to weight on Red Hat shares.