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Red Hat's Shadowman on the Dell/Ubuntu preload deal

Red Hat Magazine article that explains what Red Hat thinks about Dell preloading Ubuntu: "When Shadowman hears about the Dell survey that (allegedly) led to Dell's decision to preload Ubuntu, he can't help but think of the old quote from Henry Ford: 'If I'd asked people what they wanted, they would have asked for a better horse.'"

Red Hat Global Desktop and Client Computing Roadmap

Company delivers new product for emerging markets, enhances enterprise solution, details how its desktop investments will lead to future innovative products.

IBM and Red Hat Announce Worldwide Enterprise Linux-On-Mainframe Program

IBM Corporation and Red Hat today announced an initiative to encourage the dramatic growth of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on IBM System z mainframes. The comprehensive program will further assist companies in the evaluation, deployment and support of this joint platform. It was created in response to the growing adoption of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on mainframes by governments and companies worldwide, who are taking advantage of the security, scalability and low operating costs of the joint platform.

Red Hat Announces Winners of First Annual Innovation Awards

Red Hat announced the winners of the first annual Red Hat Innovation Awards. The Awards are designed to recognize Red Hat users, customers and partners who stand out for improving processes, overcoming technology challenges and enhancing their bottom line through Red Hat and JBoss solutions. Winners were selected in six categories, designed to highlight innovative and exemplary uses of Red Hat technologies.

Can Red Hat Become of Software?

Red Hat sometime between May 9 and 11 will share more details about its forthcoming online store, known as Red Hat Exchange.

Red Hat chides Oracle over Linux

Oracle's venture into the Linux market was called "a bit disingenuous" by a Red Hat executive speaking at the MySQL Conference & Expo on Tuesday.

The executive, Michael Evans, Red Hat vice president of corporate development, speculated that Oracle wants to contain open source.

eMusic CEO To Keynote Red Hat Summit 2007

Red Hat announced that the President and CEO of eMusic, David Pakman, will keynote at the third annual Red Hat Summit taking place May 9-11, 2007 at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina.

Red Hat strikes healthcare research deal

Never shy about taking on new markets, Red Hat has struck a deal with the University of North Carolina under which it will encourage the use of open source technology in healthcare research, biotechnology, bioinformatics and public policy. The deal follows a larger announcement by Red Hat in which it launched its Enterprise Healthcare Platform in cooperation with McKesson and Intel.