Red Hat

Wall Street analyst tips Red Hat

Shares of open source software firm Red Hat Inc bounced up during last Friday's trading session after analysts forecast a string fourth quarter.

Red Hat stock shares were up 3.5% to $21.69 in trading on the NYSE after a CIBC analyst upgraded the stock.

Red Hat Summit 2007 call for sessions

The Red Hat Summit 2007 is coming up in May. This year, the Fedora Project is sharing a track called "Leading Edge" with projects like Mugshot and OLPC. If you are interested in putting together a proposal for a session, continue reading.

Red Hat: Earnings up, customers in, competitors out

Red Hat knocked the ball out of the park again this quarter, especially in light of the competitive pressures from Microsoft/Novell and Oracle. I joined in the earnings call today, and was very impressed.

The future of RPM

There has been a lot of discussion in the past few months about RPM -- its present state, its future plans, and its leadership team. In particular, the Fedora Project has received numerous requests asking, "what are you guys doing about RPM?"

Here is the answer, in a few words.

Red Hat finds home in heart of capitalism

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates once likened the open-source movement to communism, but there was little evidence of that on Tuesday when Linux specialist Red Hat took over the New York Stock Exchange.

Red Hat on the NYSE: A big move for open source

"I spoke with Dion Cornett, VP of Investor Relations, Red Hat, this morning. As you may have heard, Red Hat is moving from the NASDAQ to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), starting tomorrow (December 12). It's a big move with big implications for open source, and I wanted to get more information on the reasons behind the move."

Red Hat Dismisses Threat Posed by Oracle and Microsoft

Red Hat Inc's executive vice president of worldwide sales, Alex Pinchev, has dismissed the impact that Oracle Corp's entry into the Linux support business could have on Red Hat, insisting Oracle does not really know what it is doing.

Red Hat and Sirius team up to deliver integrated open source enterprise stack

Red Hat today announced that UK based open source consulting firm , Sirius Corporation, has joined its Red Hat Advanced Partner Programme in Europe.

By partnering with Sirius Corporation, Red Hat is further extending its outreach to organizations looking to implement integrated, enterprise-class open source solutions. Sirius Corporation brings with it a reputation as a top-tier open source implementation specialist, responsible for some of the largest and most complex deployments of open source technologies in the UK.