Open Source / GPL

Can GPL be enforced in China?

The question of the enforceability of the GPL came into question during a presentation by Taiwen Jiang, the XOOPS maintainer. XOOPS is basically a home grown China, well actually Asian, Open Source. Recently XOOPS has picked up a champion to help them grow their community and breach the commercial side of development.

Are You In Violation of GPL v3?

Though the final release of the open source GPL version 3 license is still likely several months away, software vendors are already ramping up their efforts to help track violations.

RadView Launches World’s First Commercial-Grade Open Source Internet Performance Testing Product

WebLOAD, created by the co-founder of Mercury Interactive and backed by 1,600 commercial deployments and 250 engineering years, adopts GPL.

Just How 'Free' Are Open Source Licensing Models?

Confusion and controversy about Open Source licensing did not start with current Free Software Foundation efforts to revise the GNU General Public License (GPL). Nor will emergence of an acceptable GPL V3 – or of a revised Lesser GPL or Affero GPL (thanks Dana Blankenhorn) – make OS licensing much less problematical for enterprise users.

Perens Lashes Out at Claims GPL 3 Brings Legal Risks

Open-source developer and evangelist Bruce Perens has scathingly dismissed claims by a lawyer for the Association for Competitive Technology that the latest draft of Version 3 of the GNU General Public License brings legal risks.

SourceForge and Krugle Bring Code Search to World's Largest Open Source Software Repository and Krugle, Inc. today announced that has embedded Krugle's search engine into the world's largest repository of open source software.

Announcing the OCRopus Open Source OCR System

The goal of the project is to advance the state of the art in optical character recognition and related technologies, and to deliver a high quality OCR system suitable for document conversions, electronic libraries, vision impaired users, historical document analysis, and general desktop use. In addition, we are structuring the system in such a way that it will be easy to reuse by other researchers in the field.

Open Source Parking Alters Headers

Open Source Parking founder Bruce Perens admitted last weekto using edited server headers on his open source Web site to improve the showing of Netcraft's ( Apache Web server listings. Web sites using the Open Source Parking service report that they are running on Apache, but are actually hosted on lighttpd.