Open Source / GPL

'Boring' SAP dismisses open source threat

SAP AG will not be impacted by open source ERP software, chief executive Henning Kagermann is adamant.

Despite evidence of open source creep, Kagermann thinks it is still a database and OS-level model. He tackled the rise of open source in a recent interview with Computer Business Review.

New GPL draft due Wednesday

The third discussion draft of GPL version 3 is scheduled for release at 7 a.m. PDT on Wednesday, Brett Smith, a licensing compliance engineer for the Free Software Foundation said in a mailing list posting Monday. The current GPL 2 governs the rights and restrictions of many open-source and free-software projects, including high-profile ones such as the Linux kernel, Java and MySQL database.

Critical Open Source Software Projects Receive 6,000 Bug Fixes in First Year of Coverity Scan Site

Department of Homeland Security open source hardening project grows to 150 applications and regular scans of 35 million lines of source code.

Collax updates its entire product family

Collax updates its entire product family, announces upgrade to kernel 2.6, new open-source components and implementation of AJAX.

SXSW Day Three - Revisting Open Source Business Models

The panel was fairly freeform. They started by polling the audience a bit - asking people what kinds of questions they wanted to hear about. Broke out pretty clearly that there were lots of folks who wanted to know how to leverage open source in their businesses but weren’t sure how. Panel distinguished between open source users (people who download, install, and use software under open source licenses) and software developers who are building products which include (one way or another) open source components. Backs Open Source Community is giving back to the Internet community by supporting open source applications with cash donations of $10,000 each.

Joomla, a Content Management System and Simple Machines Forum, an online community forum, received the donations from to assist in further development of their applications.

Will an open source router replace your Cisco router?

Vyatta is an open source company that hopes to take the XORP (i.e., extensible open source router platform) and make it a commercially viable, enterprise-ready product. Pronounced "vee-atta," Vyatta wants to do for routers what Red Hat did for Linux and what Asterisk is trying to do with VoIP. (For some background, see George Ou's blog post, "Open source routers shine at Vyatta secret society.")

MIT Press Book On Open Source Now Free

"MIT Press has released its book Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software as a free PDF download. The book is a collection of research essays covering topics such as open source motivation, economics, business models, software development process and tools, law, and community. Sort of like 'Open Sources' from academics. David Parnas, Larry Lessig, Eric von Hippel, and Clay Shirky are among the contributors."