Open Source / GPL

Is it Time for an Open Source Certificate Authority?

"So far there are three free ways to get a free certificate to sign your e-mail and receive encrypted communications: Thawte, Comodo and CAcert. Thawte's root certificate is in mainstream browsers. Thawte's interface is good and the web of trust allows for increased security by verifying people's identity."

The Most Important Open-Source Apps of All Time

eWEEK Labs names the applications that have moved open-source technologies from corporate curiosities to integral enterprise tools.

Would you use Windows if it was GPL?

"In my last post, several people accused me of being anti-Microsoft. This is not true at all! I believe that Microsoft makes good products. Do you think they could attain a 95% market share without making a good product? That is not the way a market economy works."

And Now … Life After GPLv3

"Eben Moglen, general counsel and board member of the FSF and chairman of the SFLC, has announced on his blog that he will be resigning from his leadership position with the FSF now that GPLv3 draft 3 is out the door."

Where are all the open source billionaires?

If Open Source software is free, then why bother spending money on Microsoft Partner stuff? I already know what Microsoft's detractors will say: "There's no reason whatsoever. $40 billion per year is totally wasted."

Open Source, Standards Get A Boost In China

Open-source software is receiving a rapid uptake in key developing countries and users, local industries and governments say it offers them market opening, flexibility and lower costs. China, perhaps the biggest potential market, showed last week how much open-source is part of its plans.

Patent reform bill 'useless' for open source

Open source developers and users will gain little or nothing from a patent reform law introduced to US Congress last week.

The Patent Reform Act of 2007 (PDF) proposes a series of changes to current rules, allowing for patents to be challenged for a period of up to three years after being awarded.

How open source saved my sales floor

"I was recently put in charge of completely re-inventing the sales process and technology for my company. The system used consisted of printing out thousands of leads each week, and passing along sheets of paper from place to place until a sale was made, or until the person asked us to never call again. Then those peices of paper would have to be re-entered into a separate computer system manually by dozens of secretaries."