Open Source / GPL

Mozilla CEO: Open source is no monster

Mitchell Baker, speaking at CeBIT Australia 2007 in Sydney earlier this week, destroyed the perception that open-source vendors were just ad hoc organisations. Baker claimed Mozilla was not "Frankenstein", dispelling notions that code is haphazardly thrown together in open-source development.

Global Summit of Open Source Leaders Releases Report

Think Tank 2007 publishes 14-page Executive Summary Report with highlights of latest trends in commercial open source from more than 35 CEOs, 16 CIOs/CTOs of Global 2000 organizations, and leading attorneys and venture capitalists.

Australian Government Open Source Survey Finds Hidden Uptake

The federal government's survey on the perception and use of open source software throughout agencies is still being finalized, but representatives from the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) are already talking up the results.

ADempiere becomes first true open source production grade ERP

With the release of ADempiere MayDay (ADempiere 3.2) today, ADempiere is now the first true open source ERP with production grade quality.

Asia and Open Source

"It's early morning and I'm down at the ABC studios in Sydney right now getting ready to be interviewed for a business news programme broadcast across Asia (they say there is an audience of 40 million - gulp), and I have an interview with Sky News later. So I asked the excellent Patrick Finch if he had some up-to-date statistics on open source in Asia and he turned up some fascinating and downright scary facts, which prompted a reflection on Asia and Open Source."

Polytechnics to develop open source gateway

The Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics of New Zealand (ITPNZ) is embarking on a project to develop an open source gateway to Ministry of Education’s e-learning resources.

Coverity to Regularly Scan Security and Quality of 250 Open Source Projects

Coverity, Inc., makers of the world’s most advanced source code analysis solution, today announced a major infrastructure upgrade to, an open source software quality and security analysis site. The upgrade will enable the rapid expansion of the site, including regular additions of hundreds of new open source software projects.

OpenLogic Announces Free Software to Inventory Installed Open Source Software

OpenLogic Discovery helps enterprises gain visibility into installed open source software across multiple platforms.