Kick off the Linux Driver Project (Again)

The Linux Driver Project was announced, by Greg KH, last January as a program to write Linux drivers for companies for free. However, Greg was busy with his regular day-to-day job at Novell and nothing really evolved. This week, the direction has changed. Novell is sponsoring him to work on the Linux driver project as a priority.

TomTom uses Linux, but doesn't support Linux users

Having bought several TomTom One navigation systems here at work (Italy), I was browsing their web site to find information about maps. There are several pages of documentation about their devices.

Linux Startup Moves Desktop Windows to the Data Center

Qumranet, the company behind one of the hottest Linux kernel features, is scheduled to announce its first product, a new desktop virtualization system, offering today at the DEMOfall conference in San Diego. Qumranet's Solid ICE product moves desktop users' Linux or Microsoft Windows installs onto virtual machines in the data center, allowing the users to run their applications and OS of choice from thin clients or from Windows or Linux PC clients.

Linux and open source software pay off for PayPal

When Scott Thompson left Visa to take the CTO role at PayPal in 2005, the Web company's data centre surprised him. "Wait a minute," he recalls saying, "they run a payment system on Linux?"

Linux and its identity crisis

"If you've been following the current rift in the Linux community between Linus Torvalds and his minions squaring off against Con Kolivas and the mainstream Linux fanatics, you probably know that it's getting quite heated."

Linux users could face European patent threat

Linux users in the United Kingdom could face a greater threat from Microsoft than previously thought, but experts agree that British open source users are in far less danger than US users from Microsoft's claim that open source software infringes its patents.

Broadcom joins Linux Mobile Foundation

Leading fabless chip supplier Broadcom Corp has joined the LiMo (Linux Mobile) Foundation as an associate member.

Don't fork Linux because of Linus

"I recently read a blog entry on that urged the Linux community to fork the kernel into desktop and server versions because, according to the author, all Linus Torvalds cares about is big iron. Sorry, but that's both wrong and stupid."