Levanta Launches Free Linux Management Virtual Appliance

Levanta today announced the release of the Intrepid VM Linux Management Appliance. The Intrepid VM is a VMware appliance version of the award-winning Levanta Intrepid line of Linux life-cycle management products, which automate provisioning, change control, migration and disaster recovery processes for Linux systems.

Available as a free download from Levanta’s website and from the VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace, the Intrepid VM offers organizations the chance to discover the benefits of Levanta technology and to experience the full feature-set of the enterprise-level Intrepid products via an easy-to-install, downloadable, self-contained virtual appliance.

This turnkey virtual appliance, which can be used to manage and control up to three running Linux servers at any time, allows users to tap into the power of virtualization technology and quickly and easily execute a variety of essential Linux management tasks to maximize system uptime, including Linux provisioning, patch management, automatic change tracking, rollback, disaster recovery, and migration. Pre-configured with all of the necessary software, the Intrepid VM can be up and running in under an hour to manage both physical and virtual machines.

“Levanta Intrepid VM is designed to allow Linux system administrators an opportunity to test-drive and experience the power of Levanta, first hand” said Simon Bennett, Product Manager for Intrepid product line at Levanta. “By partnering with VMware and turning our physical appliance into a virtual appliance, Levanta is joining the ranks of other open source virtual appliance leaders like JBoss and SugarCRM in offering freely downloadable, easily deployable software.”

For more information or to download the Intrepid VM, visit Levanta’s website (http://www.levanta.com/intrepid-vm/index.shtml) or the VMware site (http://www.vmware.com/appliances/directory/791).

For questions about specific functionality of the Intrepid VM, visit Levanta’s community forum at http://forums.levanta.com/