Linux and Windows Interoperability: On the Metal and On the Wire

"I had the opportunity to present at both OSCON in Portland and at LinuxWorld in San Francisco in the last three weeks – both O’Reilly and IDG were gracious enough to grant me a session on the work that Microsoft is doing with Novell, XenSource, and others on Linux and Windows interoperability.

Overall our focus is on three critical technology areas for the next-generation datacenter: virtualization, systems management, and identity. Identity in particular spans enterprise datacenters and web user experiences, so it’s critical that everyone shares a strong commitment to cross-platform cooperation.

Here are the slides as I presented them, with some words about each to give context, but few enough to make this post readable overall. I skipped the intro slides about the Open Source Software Lab since most Port 25 readers know who we are and what we do."