Open Source / GPL

UK culture holding back open source

Industry experts have identified cultural, as well as technical, factors affecting the take up of open source software in the UK.

Open source IP PBX: Growing like gangbusters

Companies that are adopting open source in the contact centre are being drawn by the low cost, as well as the greater control and flexibility that open source telephony offers. However, as with any new technology, it is important to examine the functional requirements of the contact centre to determine if open source makes sense for your company. Why open source?

Open Source powers bike computer

One of the most intriguing launches at Interbike was a pairing of power measuring crank spider and power meter/global positioning system (GPS)/heart rate monitor/altimeter computer from new company Quarq Technology. What's especially interesting if you're a hardcore bike instrumentation geek is that the display unit will run open-source software, so developers will be able to modify it and write applications for it.

Open source funding down 41% in Q3

The slowdown in venture capital funding for Linux and open source-related vendors continued in the third quarter as disclosed funding deals were down 41.6% to $77.8m*, compared to $133.3m in the same quarter last year.

Open sourcing the US military

"It turns out that perhaps the best way to beat guerrilla insurgents is by becoming one or, at least, funding one. Or, as John Robb argues on the Global Guerrillas blog, funding and partnering with many. The US military has slowly learned that traditional warfare won't beat "open-source insurgents," similar to how IBM has learned to embrace open source while simultaneously fighting it. Or, rather, to fight it on some fronts by embracing it on others. In warfare, as in software, the best way to fight insurgency may well to become part of it."

Why choose proprietary software over open source?

"As part of my interview with Dean Drako of Barracuda Networks, he mentioned to me some survey work Barracuda has done. Barracuda talked to 228 enterprise customers and asked what advantages open source has over proprietary software, and vice versa. The answers were a bit surprising..."

Only 5% of UK firms always choose open source

Most UK firms are happy to use open source software, but prefer to weigh up each project individually rather than automatically take the open route.

Open Source Comes to GPS

Between military applications and the business that continues to grow exponentially around GNSS and GPS in particular, intellectual property is of paramount importance in this industry—especially considering that the reason for every product is the reception of RF signals freely available to anyone on the entire surface of the planet.

But that hasn't stopped the open-source software movement from coming to GPS applications development.