Open Source / GPL

Open Source: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

"Frequent release cycles are both a curse and a blessing. Software developers are creating fixes and patches all the time. The downside is the developer doesn't want to do upgrades all the time," Barry Klawans, founding member of the Open Solutions Alliance and CTO at JasperSoft, told LinuxInsider. "Commercial vendors in open source are not always doing this process as frequently."

Open Source Media

You have just spent months working on your latest animated short. Hours and hours of work bent over a computer, pouring out your technical and creative heart, and finally it is finished. It is ready for distribution. Your next step is to put the animation on your website for people to download for free. After that you put the software you used to create it online, along with the production files, script, music and extras such as a documentary about the making of your animation. You provide all of this for free. However, despite giving it all away for nothing, you are also hoping to sell a couple of thousand DVDs...Welcome to the world of open-source media.

Multics source code has become public

"The sources for the Multics timesharing operating system have been donated to MIT by Group Bull. They are published under a BSD-style license, apparently. As noted on the site, the sources have only been preserved because they were saved on a DAT before the shutdown of the last Multics system running in CGI (Calgary, Canada)."

Yahoo to launch open source program

Yahoo Inc. said Monday it will launch an open source program aimed at advancing research and development of systems software for distributed computing.

South Korea, OSS License Guide Announced

The Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) and Korea Software Copyright Committee (KSCC) determined and published 'Open Source SW License Guide' (the Guide) that easily explains how to use Open Source SW License such as GPL (General Public License).

What's up at the OpenDocument Foundation?

The OpenDocument Foundation, founded five years ago by Gary Edwards, Sam Hiser, and Paul "Buck" Martin (marbux) with the express purpose of representing the OpenDocument format in the "open standards process," has reversed course. It now supports the W3C's Compound Document Format instead of its namesake ODF. Yet why this change of course has occurred is something of a mystery.

Automated License Systems Deploys Levanta’s Intrepid X

Levanta announced that Automated License Systems (ALS) has successfully deployed Levanta’s Intrepid X Linux Data Center Automation solution as part of their initiative to control their data center operational costs, streamline the system management infrastructure, and prepare for the anticipated growth in the coming months.

When Data Abstraction Meets Open Source

If there is anybody who is a champion for data abstraction when it comes to SOA, it's me. Moreover, if there is anybody who is a champion for open source SOA technology, it's me. So, how about if there was a company who provided both?