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When open-source GUIs attack: The Blender example

TDT 3D has put together a comparison of six 3D modeling tools. I am not going to get too deeply into the finer points of the products and what the TDT 3D reviewer thought of them, but many readers got quite worked up about one of the tools, Blender 3D 2.45.

Revised WinXP policy dooms Linux desktop prospects

It should come as no surprise that HP is considering expanding its Linux PC efforts, given that its top rival is selling Ubuntu Linux PCs in the U.S and Microsoft is trying to kill any potential interest in them.

Xorg releases 7.3

Finally X.Org have released the latest version which promises to drastically improve hotplug and on-the-fly output reconfiguration

Torvalds rebukes desktop critics

Linus Torvalds, creator and maintainer of the Linux operating system kernel, has reacted angrily to suggestions that the kernel's development process is skewed in a way that prevents improvements on the desktop.

Why desktop Linux fails in big organizations

I believe that the key reason Unix hasn’t taken over the generic office desktop has nothing to do with the technology and everything to do with the people and processes involved.

BBC Trust to hear open sourcers' iPlayer gripes

The BBC Trust has asked to meet open source advocates to discuss their complaints over the corporation's Windows-only on demand broadband TV service, iPlayer.

2008 May Be the Year of the Open-Source Desktop

Red Hat Linux is now widely deployed on the servers in my data center. Users have no idea what operating system underlies our Web applications and databases, nor do they care, as long as those tools are highly available.

Current State of Mesa and OpenGL on Linux

Most free X.Org graphic drivers are based on Mesa, which is a free OpenGL specification implementation. However, while OpenGL is already in Version 2.1 the Mesa implementation only supports version 1.5. This is to change soon - but OpenGL will make new releases as well.