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Some unpleasant vulnerabilities

iDefense Lab security researchers discovered that the expressions computing the parameters for ALLOCATE_LOCAL() in those functions are using client-provided value in an expression that is subject to integer overflows, which could lead to memory corruption.

The year of the Linux desktop

You'll see these words in more than one article penned by the pundits. Every year since about 2003 has been called the year of the Linux desktop - and then, when that fails to transpire, those who predict these things set about rehashing their predictions for the next year.

The Linux desktop is dead

Linux is unlikely ever to be a viable alternative to Microsoft's Windows on the desktop for corporate IT departments, according to leading CIOs.

Just this week new research by the National Computing Centre (NCC) found only one Linux desktop for every 300 currently running Windows XP in UK organisations. Three-quarters of's 12-strong CIO Jury backed the view that the Linux desktop dream is dead.

Linux desktop grows up, eyes corporate users

"People have to justify Windows to get it, and even then I challenge them a bit," said Dave Jenkins,'s chief technology officer. Nearly 70% of the online retailer's 200 or so desktops are Linux, including multiuser machines stationed in the company's warehouse. Those on Windows desktops typically need it to support Excel and the macros that run only inside that spreadsheet application.

Tux Paint 0.9.16 Released

New Breed Software announces the release of Tux Paint 0.9.16, the latest version of the award-winning Open Source drawing program for children.

Tux Paint 0.9.16 debuts exciting new features alongside a number of improvements to old favorites. A new simple-to-use Slideshow feature allows you to select your favorite works of art and play them back at various speeds. Slideshow will help teachers and students create classroom presentations, and can even be used to make simple flip-book style animations.

Munich Linux scales desktop management

The City of Munich has developed impressive systems for rolling out and maintaining Linux desktops for large numbers of users, according to a British developer who had a close-up view of the system.

Munich is engaged in a high-profile project that will replace its ageing Windows infrastructure with a Debian-based Linux distribution called LiMux. The city plans to gradually replace all city workers' desktops, amounting to tens of thousands of workstations.

A funny Beryl demo video

Yeah, you think you've seen it all. Compiz, now Beryl, with XGL or AIGLX. But you haven't. My brother and I thought we'd show you the greatest things Beryl can do, greater, still, than the touch screen. Really? Yes, really.

GIMP 2.3.12 Development Release

Version 2.3.12 is a snapshot of the development towards GIMP 2.4. We are mostly polishing things at this point, but a few features are still waiting to be added. The source code for this release can be downloaded from the usual places.