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Microsoft ‘officelabs’ looks to open source for inspiration

One of the criticisms most often levied against Microsoft — and not just by anonymous posters on Mini Microsoft — is that the company has gotten too big and too slow to be effective. Can Microsoft change this dynamic?

EC rebuffs Microsoft over open-source report

The European Commission has resisted efforts by Microsoft to make it abandon its report into open-source software, it was revealed this week. But the Commission was swayed into allowing a 10-day period for feedback before completing the report.

Microsoft Exec Wanted To Mask Linux Report Sponsorship

Microsoft executives pondered whether to remove the company's name from a 2002 report done by research firm IDC that touted Windows total cost of ownership over Linux, according to e-mail messages entered into evidence in an Iowa antitrust case.

Did Microsoft want to 'whack' Dell over its Linux dealings?

Barely a week after a U.S. judge approved a landmark antitrust agreement with Microsoft, company executives were swapping e-mails suggesting Dell deserved a beating for its growing interest in Linux, according to documents filed with a state court.

'Microsoft is Imperialistic' Says Open Source Advocat

Microsoft Corporation's products have been locked out of the on-going World Social Forum (WSF) in Nairobi Kenya.

With over 300 computers provided for participants and the press, organizers of the WSF have preferred to provide open source software products and blocked all Microsoft related products for the forum's usage and its related activities.

Why Microsoft will offer an Open Source OS

You can accuse Microsoft of many things, but not making lots of money isn't one of them. If Linux ever got to the point where it was costing the company serious money, what's to stop MS from fighting like with like? As Mat says: "They've already been accused of making money from other people's ideas, why would they stop with open-source software that they can provide support for, if it ever becomes an overwhelming hit?"

Microsoft Loves Linux: What's With That?

Microsoft and Novell announced a five-year patent and technology agreement around Microsoft software and Novell's SUSE Linux software. Is it love or a declaration of war?

Internet Explorer 7 on Linux

"The following documents the relatively short process needed to get Internet Explorer 7 running on a Linux system. So far, I have found one (two) problems with this method: it seems transparent GIFs appear as filled-black boxes in IE7, and secondly (this is actually a good thing for me), this won’t give you the IE7 interface running in Linux, but rather the IE7 rendering engine inside the IE6 interface. What this means is that you won’t be seeing IE7 tabs or the RSS reader, but you will be able to debug webpages and fix layout problems."