VMware Server 2.0 Beta

This newer beta version offers the capabilities from before, plus an array of new features—including a broader range of guest operating system support, an intuitive Web-based management interface, and increased memory for greater scalability. With over 3 million downloads worldwide, VMware Server continues to innovate to provide users with a superior introductory experience to virtualization—for Free.

VMware douses open source with waterfall of nonsense

With groin stimulating IPOs comes great responsibility. Ah, let's be serious. With ludicrous IPOs, comes great nonsense. For example, our recent interview with VMware CEO Diane Greene took place in the company's new waterfall room. This magical room is just like your average conference room except it has a large glass plate at one end with water constantly rushing down its face. This is the kind of thing you put in a conference room after you've spent millions on a new headquarters and conquered Wall Street.

VMware ESX Server 3i integrated in server hardware

VMware introduced VMware ESX Server 3i, the industry’s next generation thin hypervisor to be integrated in server hardware from Dell, Fujitsu, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, HP, IBM, NEC and others.

VMware May Violate Linux Copyrights

"Bloomberg believe VMware’s IPO today may the largest technology offering since Google. But doubts have been cast over the company’s supposedly proprietary ESX product, which may be derived from Linux."

VMware Prices Initial Public Offering

VMware, Inc., kicked off an IPO of 33,000,000 shares for its Class A Common Stock priced at $29 per share. Shares began trading NYSE today under the ticker symbol "VMW".

VMware Predicts Death To Operating Systems

In the view of Mendel Rosenblum, chief scientist and co-founder of virtualization vendor VMware, today's modern operating system is destined for the dustbin, a scenario unlikely to please Microsoft or any of the Linux vendors.