New Releases

Xfce 4.4 Release Candidate 2 Released

The second and hopefully last release candidate of the Xfce 4.4 desktop is now available for download. This release focuses primarily on bug fixes and optimizations. Please refer to the changelog for a list of fixes and changes.

FSF Announces Release of gNewSense 1.0

gNewSense is a free software GNU/Linux distribution created by two Irish free software advocates, Brian Brazil and Paul O'Malley, and is based on the Ubuntu and Debian distributions. The goal of gNewSense is to provide users with a software package that offers the stability of Ubuntu with the addition of freedom.

Drupal 5.0 Beta 1 Released

Drupal 5.0 Beta 1 has been released. It comes with many new features, including a web-based install system, improved administration tools, and a shiny new theme! There are also tons of under-the-hood improvements, such as the inclusion of the jQuery JavaScript library, node access system improvements (ACL), and many improvements to the Form API.

Songbird 0.2 Released

Songbird 0.2 is a preview release to let developers and early birds who can’t wait for 1.0 explore Songbird’s potential.

Trolltech Brings Style Sheets to Desktop Applications with Qt 4.2

Trolltech, the company that makes software faster to build and easier to use, today released Qt 4.2, the new version of the company's popular framework for high performance cross-platform application development. This version significantly expands the scope of the framework, providing the C++ community with more functionality and innovation than ever before.

The World's first LiveCD that supports Beryl, Emerald, AIGLX and XGL

The flexibility of a Gentoo Linux based distribution has no limits. SabayonLinux Team have released SabayonLinux 3.0 for x86 and AMD64/EM64T (x86-64) Processors. This is the first Linux LiveCD that supports, out of the box, AIGLX, Beryl and Emerald, 2.6.18 Kernel and much, much more...

gTorrent becomes Deluge: Version 0.1.0 Released

I am happy to (finally) release v0.1.0 of our bittorrent client, Deluge. The client was until now known as gTorrent, but it was changed for a couple of reasons. First, the name gtorrent was already registered on, by the Gildur Torrent Utilities, which itself included a minimal bittorrent client. Secondly, to negate any predisposition that the client is for the Gnome desktop environment only. Deluge uses python and GTK+, so while it will run best on GTK+ based environments such as Gnome or XFCE, it is also capable of running on other DE’s as well, such as KDE.

Elive Revolution Released

The new version stable of Elive is finally released, codename Revolution, new screenshots section, using the new systems for the LiveCD mode, a lot of work is done on this release of Elive since the last stable release called Serenity. Read more for the changelog.