Linux Smartphone Firm May Be Headed for China IPO

Taiwanese entrepreneur Roger Kung has bet on Linux for its low-cost, high-flexibility, customizable user interface. Linux-based smartphones held a 48 percent market share in China in 2004, according to government data. E28 has led the wave of Linux-based smartphones in China as well as overseas.

ACCESS to Release Application Framework to Open Source Community

Continuing to demonstrate its commitment to supporting the development of open source components optimized for the mobile and embedded device markets, ACCESS CO., LTD., today announced it plans to release an Application Framework to the open source community under Mozilla Public License (MPL) v1.1. Security features that extend the Linux kernel are planned for release under the General Public License (GPL) v2.

Motorola Prepping Linux-based RAZR Smartphone?

We know that Moto has a Linux-based ROKR ready to go that’s already cleared the FCC labyrinth of regulation, so it’s likely that the RAZR in this shot will sport some Linuxy goodness.

Garnett invests in mobile firm

Garnett & Helfrich Capital, a private equity firm specialising in venture buyouts, has said that it is expanding its Indian operations and announced an investment in mobile firm Celunite Inc, which has an Indian presence.

Celunite, with development centres in Hyderabad and Pune, provides Linux-based open mobile platform software and services for the mobile industry.

Fonality Acquires Trixbox, World's Largest Asterisk Based Community

Fonality, the leader in IP telephony systems for small and medium businesses and the world's largest commercial Asterisk based deployment, today announced it has acquired trixbox, the world's largest Asterisk based community. Trixbox founder Andrew Gillis will join Fonality and continue to lead the trixbox community. Fonality will commit engineering resources and broad financial support to continue fostering innovation in the trixbox open source community.

Storm bets on open source Asterisk

Local voice and data service provider, Storm has turned to open source Asterisk to give clients an opportunity to venture into VoIP at low cost. The company has partnered with Asterisk specialists Connection Telecom and Clarotech.

University dumps Cisco VoIP for open-source Asterisk

Some organizations consider taking the plunge off of big iron PBX platforms into IP telephony as being pretty daring, but that's nothing compared to what Sam Houston State University (SHSU) is doing. The south Texas school is boldly moving thousands of users off a Cisco VoIP platform to an open-source VoIP network based on Asterisk.

Asterisk 1.2.12 and Zaptel 1.2.9 Released

The Asterisk Development Team is pleased to announce new releases of Asterisk and Zaptel! Asterisk 1.2.12 includes a number of bug fixes, including fixes for two regressions that occurred in the 1.2.11 release. Zaptel 1.2.9 include a small number of bug fixes, an updates.