BT Joins Linux Phone Standards Forum

The Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum, adding to the growing momentum of standards-based mobile Linux, announced today that BT PLC [LSE: BT Group] has joined the consortium and will participate in the group's specification and standardization activities.

Asterisk creator Acquires Switchvox

Digium, Inc., the Asterisk Company, today announced it has acquired Switchvox, a leading provider of IP PBX phone systems for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The acquisition bolsters Digium's presence in the SMB market and provides a strong platform on which to advance its Asterisk-based unified communications solution.

MontaVista readies new Linux mobile phone OS

MontaVista will ship a "fifth-generation" Linux-based operating system for mobile phones in mid-November. The company says Mobilinux 5.0 will offer new security, power, networking, and quick-boot capabilities, along with footprint reductions, real-time improvements, and lower build costs for vendors of handsets and other mobile consumer devices.

Trolltech and OpenMoko?

Trolltech today announced Qtopia Phone Edition, the leading application platform and user interface for Linux based mobile phones, has been ported to the Neo1973 mobile phone from Taiwanese manufacturer FIC and open-source software provider OpenMoko. Now, in addition to Trolltech’s Qtopia Greenphone, developers have an additional reference platform and form factor for development and testing of new mobile Qtopia applications.

The Other Open-Source IP PBX

The story has a familiar ring. A vendor offers powerful, reliable new appliances to go with the open-source IP PBX (Private Branch eXchange) software it provides and supports. The new boxes make it easier for users to turn the software into business phone systems that are significantly cheaper than proprietary solutions. Given the enthusiastic reception small companies have been giving similar efforts, it might seem this idea can hardly miss.

Asterisk Creator Leads the Open Source VoIP Charge at VoiceCon 2007

Digium, Inc., the Asterisk Company, today announced that Asterisk creator and Digium Founder Mark Spencer will join leaders from Cisco, Avaya, IBM, Microsoft, Siemens and Skype to discuss the future of VoIP and unified communications.

Motorola Unveils MOTOMAGX Mobile Linux Platform

Motorola, Inc. today announced a significant step in its commitment to mobile Linux and rich experience creation by introducing MOTOMAGX, its next generation mobile Linux platform. Building on the global success of Motorola's earlier Linux-based platforms, MOTOMAGX lays the foundation to deliver new levels of openness, flexibility and support for third-party applications on Motorola mobile devices.

Poky Linux 3.0 Released

Poky is an embedded Linux build system, distribution and developer environment which builds upon OpenEmbedded technologies. Poky's focus is purely on building stable optimised GNOME Embedded type platforms (X11/Matchbox/GTK+) together with a streamlined system layer and cross development environment.