AT&T Fires Back at Verizon in the Open Source War

After Verizon Wireless attracted publicity for announcing it would open its wireless network to all devices next year, AT&T jumped into the ring today, embracing the so-called "open devices" trend within the wireless industry.

The 3 Linux Phones to Watch in 2008

A short article on Google Android, Deeda Pi Phone, and OpenMoko. Three Linux Phones to Watch in 2008.

The open approach to IP-PBX design

A PBX connects a number of private extensions through a trunk line or lines to the public phone system, routing outbound and incoming calls and providing features such as voicemail and teleconferencing.

Trolltech axes the Greenphone

The mobile Linux development company Trolltech says that it has sold out of its Greenphone reference handsets and that it will not reorder further units, because there are now suitable alternatives in the marketplace.

Sysopendigia demonstrates Linux based 3G Smartphone

SYSOPENDIGIA today announced that it will be demonstrating Linux based 3G Smartphone this week in Munich at Qtopia Mobile Communications Summit.

Google, Mozilla and the Open-Source Phone

There is a lot we don’t know about Google’s cellphone effort, but this much seems clear from the many reports: Google isn’t making a phone, it is developing an open-source cellphone operating system. Google will, no doubt build some proprietary applications that run on it, find manufacturers and cut deals with carriers to deliver a shiny package to consumers.

Skype for Linux 1.4 Gold, The Panacea

Skype for Linux 1.4 delivers a superior voice call quality in comparison with previous production release of Skype for Linux 1.3. It is highly recommended for everyone to upgrade to the latest version.

3Com Expands VoIP Efforts, Taps Open Source

Two of the company's three new VoIP products -- the VCX Connect 100 and VCX Connect 200 -- were developed by 3Com itself. The third, however, the 3Com Asterisk Appliance, comes as the result of an OEM agreement with open source VoIP vendor Digium.