Crucial M225 128GB Solid-State Drive Review

In this review we're going to take a look at the Crucial M225 128GB Solid State Drive and the benefits of making the switch from a standard hard disk to Solid-State. Before we begin, I'd like to go over a general introduction to Solid State Drives for those individuals unfamiliar with the technology.

Seagate BlackArmor NAS 420 Review

Known for manufacturing storage solutions in the enterprise, desktop, mobile computing, consumer and retail markets. It was only a matter of time before Seagate introduced their very own Network Attached Storage (NAS) product, the Seagate BlackArmor NAS. No, BlackArmor isn't some epic World of Warcraft item to lust over. This is serious business, just as backing up your data should be.

Seagate 200GB External Drive Review

Most people wouldn't consider external hard drives "must have" technology. But, one look at the Seagate 200GB External Hard Drive will defiantly change your mind. This stackable external hard drive offers more than just attractive styling, it is a complete, portable backup solution. Excellent for transferring files from one computer to another, automating the archiving of crucial data or off-site safe storage.

StarTech IDE Drive Drawer/Mobile Rack Review

With the price of IDE hard drives being dirt cheap now a days it is becoming more realistic to own supplementary drives for multiple operating systems, backups, redundancy, additional storage, etcetera. Personally, I've been swapping for years and chose to accommodate multi O/S functionality by separate drives for both Linux and Windows platforms.

Adaptec ATA Raid 2400A Review

I love SCSI Raid systems as much as the next person. However, sometimes you need something a little less costly. I needed to update my test network.

Seagate Barracuda 36ES SCSI Hard Drive Review

When Seagate brought the new Barracuda 36ES to the market they set their sights on target and scored a bulls eye. The Seagate Barracuda 36ES (ST336737LW) bare internal 36.9GB Ultra160 Wide SCSI hard drive is ideal for those wanting elevated SCSI performance, without the typical lofty pricing.

Maxtor Diamond PLUS 40 Review

I recently accuired a Maxtor DiamondMax PLUS-40 30 GB hard drive. These 7,200 RPM drives include Maxtor's unique DualWave twin processor technology for a 10x boost in host command processing speed. Coupled with 2 MB of high speed 100 MHz SDRAM for the cache buffer and an UltraDMA 66 interface, giving DualWave-equipped hard drives superior benchmark performance and maximum throughput.