Will Glassfish Validate Schwartz’ Open Source Strategy?

The beta release of Glassfish Version 2 is a good place for evaluating Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz' open source strategy.

Consultant touts open-source security tools

Open source security tools abound, so take advantage of them and avoid paying for commercial products if open source fits your needs. That was the message from Matthew Luallen, president of consulting firm Sph3r3, who spoke at yesterday’s InfoSec Conference.

Linux bootloader for the Xbox360

Felix Domke, the man who made the news a little while ago when he released kernel patches for Xbox360-specific hardware, has just released a bootloader which sets up a Linux environment on your 360. While the stuff available currently isn't very exciting for the common Linux user, the future holds a lot of promise if applications get ported to the 360-specific architecture.

Novell BrainShare Receives a Sneak Peek at Faronics Deep Freeze Linux

Faronics kicked off Novell BrainShare 2007 by surprising attendees with an exclusive sneak peek at the highly anticipated Linux version of Faronics' flagship system integrity software, Deep Freeze.

Vista hesitation signals Linux opportunity

Every time Microsoft introduces a new operating system we see the same reaction: before release the gentlemen of the PC press trumpet its wonderfulness, on release they talk about slow adoption and disappointed users looking for alternatives, and a bit later they quietly assume widespread acceptance, write a few articles illustrating the horrors of falling behind the upgrade curve, and start talking about how wonderful the next one will be.

Why GPLv3 says additional permissions are removable

As with any copyright licence, software developers who use any version of the GPL can also grant additional permissions to recipients for code that they hold the copyright of. That is, they can say that you can distribute the software under the terms of the GPL, and they can additionally say that, at your option, you can also distribute the software in this way or that way.

Big Vendors Lend Credibility to Open Source

Government agencies are no strangers to open source, according to an FCW.com piece published today. At first blush, we imagined part of the attraction lies in cost savings, just like it does for many businesses investigating open source; however, FCW.com points out we’re wrong.

Mandriva and Seanodes sign a partnership agreement

Mandriva and Seanodes today announce their partnership.This new partnership will provide a low cost storage solution both for high performance computing and virtualized environments.