Opera 9.2 Released

Opera 9.2 is not only an important update with bug fixes and the new Speed Dial functionality, it's also a milestone in spreading Opera to new users around the world: Opera 9.2 for Windows ships with 31 languages.

Introducing Gutsy Gibbon - Ubuntu 7.10

Folks, allow me to introduce the Gutsy Gibbon, who will be succeeding the Feisty Fawn as the focus of our development love in a few short weeks, for release in October 2007.

Google Summer of Code 2007 projects announced

All the mentoring organizations that will participate in Google Summer of Code 2007 are listed below. You can still take a look at all the organizations' ideas pages to learn more about what help they need from new contributors.

Are You In Violation of GPL v3?

Though the final release of the open source GPL version 3 license is still likely several months away, software vendors are already ramping up their efforts to help track violations.

RadView Launches World’s First Commercial-Grade Open Source Internet Performance Testing Product

WebLOAD, created by the co-founder of Mercury Interactive and backed by 1,600 commercial deployments and 250 engineering years, adopts GPL.

GNOME 2.18.1 Released

The latest release of GNOME is here: GNOME 2.18.1! This is the first release in a series of point releases for the 2.18 branch.

Dell-Linux Marriage: Desktop Prominence Or Five-Year Setback?

Dell's recent announcement of its intention to ship desktop units pre-loaded with Linux promises major repercussions for the alternate OS and its progress onto the business desktop, according to noted industry analyst Rob Enderle. He says that Dell's success could alter the PC desktop landscape as we know it, while failure could set the progression of Linux onto the desktop back five years or more.

Thailand's AIS builds Linux computing cluster

Thailand's largest mobile operator Advanced Info Service (AIS) has built a computing cluster as the delivery platform for its mobile services.