Microsoft and Xandros Expand Collaboration

Today, Microsoft Corp. and Linux platform provider Xandros announced a messaging protocol license and collaboration agreement that will enhance the interoperability of Scalix email servers with various mobile and personal computer-based email applications that utilize Microsoft email protocols. This agreement expands on the ongoing Microsoft-Xandros collaboration.

Xandros and NoMachine to Provide Universal Application Access

Today Xandros, the leading provider of intuitive Linux solutions, and NoMachine, the makers of NX virtualization desktop, remote access and server management software, announced that NoMachine’s NX Enterprise Server is now shipping with Xandros Server.

Xandros to Provide Enhanced Interoperability Between Standardized XML Document Formats

Xandros today announced it will join Microsoft and other companies to build and ship open source translators between documents stored in Ecma Office Open XML and Open Document Formats. The translators, being developed through the Open XML/ODF Translator project, will be made available to Xandros users via the Xandros Networks update facility. Every Xandros product that includes OpenOffice.org will be equipped with the translators.

Microsoft and Xandros Sign Agreement

Today Microsoft Corp. and Linux platform provider Xandros Inc. announced a broad collaboration agreement based on a set of technical, business, marketing and intellectual property commitments. These commitments provide customers with enhanced interoperability, more effective systems management solutions, and intellectual property assurances, all of which extend a bridge between open source and commercial software and deliver customers real value in mixed systems environments.

Did Xandros sign a Novell-like patent deal with Microsoft?

Looks like there could be another Microsoft-Linux patent deal in the offing.

eWEEK posted a story a few hours ago entitled “Microsoft Gives Xandros Linux Users Patent Protection.” The story is now gone from the Web site.

Xandros Server Standard Edition 2 Released

Xandros today launched Xandros Server Standard Edition 2, a complete, enterprise-grade SMB Linux server package including Xen virtualization and more than 30 other services.

Xandros Linux Server First to Receive LSB Certification

Xandros today announced that Xandros Server 2.0 is the first product to be certified by the Linux Foundation through use of the LSB Distribution Testkit (LSB DTK). Xandros engineers worked closely with their Linux Foundation counterparts in perfecting the new, automated testing procedures that will facilitate broad application developer support to Xandros Server 2.0 and all other standards-based Linux operating systems.

Xandros Delivers Windows-Linux Interoperability with New Cross-Platform Management Console

Xandros, Inc., today announced the completion of a Windows-based version of Xandros Management Console (xMC), which can remotely manage Linux servers from any networked Windows Vista or Windows XP client. The new cross-platform management tool enhances IT managers' freedom and flexibility by allowing them to manage a mixed environment of Linux and Unix enterprise servers from their existing Windows platform.