The future of XaraLX is uncertain

XaraLX, the GPL'd Linux port of Xara Extreme, which is a vector graphics software, is suffering from stagnation and lack of interest to the project. Its future is uncertain, since there are almost no developers working on it.

Source Code Management with Rational ClearCase

Solutions including IBM Rational ClearQuest for System i and IBM Rational ClearCase for System i provide a strategic advantage over competitive offerings for managing software resources and application development processes. Find out the most useful Software Change Management (SCM) solutions for source code management.

Why don't you use more free software?

In a typically hilarious, profanity-laced rant, Fake Steve Jobs goes off on Linux zealots after reading a piece on Microsoft's market-share gains in China from selling Windows for $3. Oh yeah, and rampant piracy plays a part, too...

OrangeHRM reaches 50,000 downloads and becomes available in Russian, Spanish and Danish languages

OrangeHRM announced it has reached more than 50,000 cumulative downloads since February 2006, when the first version of the Open Source Human Resource Management System was released to

Desperately Seeking Xen

What's going on with Xen, the open source hypervisor that was supposed to give VMware a run for its money? I can't remember how many IT trade press articles, blog posts and vendor white papers I've read about Xen in the last few years. If I had a dollar for every piece ever published about Xen, I'd be... well, not quite as rich as the Google kids, but still very well off.