SCO uses IBM-donated ibiblio servers too!

It's true. Hilariously true. An eagle-eyed Groklaw ninja, sk43, has spotted an ftp site where you can get binary copies of Linux libraries needed by SCO's OpenServer and UnixWare customers who use lxrun. But you can't get the source code from that ftp site. SCO directs their customers to .... Why bless my stars, is the old name for what is now ibiblio! So here's a headline for you, and it's absolutely accurate:

SCO caught trying to change Wikipedia article and cover up Groklaw links.

From this post on Yahoo message boards, someone from within SCO has been caught trying to cover up info they don't like in Wikipedia's article on SCO, "sanitize" the Darl McBride article, and post on the Yahoo message boards that SCO stock really is a good buy.

SCO's McBride: 'We're Undervalued'

You've got to hand it to SCO CEO Darl McBride, he sticks to his guns.

On SCO's Q1 2007 earning conference call late Thursday afternoon, McBride outlined his company's performance and told listeners that he believes that SCO stock is undervalued. McBride also levied some fighting words against those that SCO is litigating against, saying that, "it's time to get it on!"

SCO Vs. Blogger

For three and a half years, a blogger named Pamela Jones has led a relentless online crusade against software maker SCO Group, posting thousands of articles bashing the company for suing IBM over the Linux operating system.

Now the Lindon, Utah, software company is fighting back by seeking to take a deposition from Jones. Just one problem: They can't find her.

New filings on Pacer, Stowell leaves SCO

For those that want to track the SCO-IBM cases and SCO-Novell cases in detail, there are a few new filings up on pacer. IBM asks for an extension to reply on SCO's MOTION to Amend/Correct DECEMBER 2005 SUBMISSION.

Novell asked to add a new lawyer, Grant L. Kim and filed an overlength sealed reply brief to support its Motion for Partial Summary Judgment on its Fourth Claim for Relief

Last but not least, there is the news that Blake Stowell leaves SCO to start work for Omniture.

IP attorney: Bankrupt or not, SCO case is 'boring'

For many IT managers and open source advocates, the infamous SCO trial resembles one of those hokey daytime dramas. What was once the Linux trial of the ages has today devolved into a contract argument with little bearing on the future of Linux or opens source software.

SCO on the verge of bankruptcy

SCO, whose claim to the Linux kernel has touched off a firestorm in the open source realm, is on the verge of bankruptcy, according to court documents filed by legal opponent Novell, several publications reported.

SCO has also failed to pass on more than $26m in licensing fees from Sun Microsystems and Microsoft, as required by terms of a purchase agreement SCO struck with Novell, according to a motion for summary judgment filed in the case on Monday.

SCO's View of Its Motion for Reconsideration

Utah's SCO Group has asked a federal judge to reconsider striking most of the claims from its $5 billion, Linux-related lawsuit against IBM.

But they don't want anyone to know why.

Attorneys for the Lindon-based software company, which claims IBM illegally leaked SCO-owned Unix programming code into the freely-distributed Linux operating system, filed supporting documents for their reconsideration motion under seal this week.