OLPC XO ($100 Laptop) running Doom

Linuxlookup continues to receive requests for an evaluation of the $100 laptop. I've personally sent countless replies to individuals politely explaining the initiative behind OLPC, trust me, if we're ever going to do a review it will be announced on the front page.

Now, With so many North American's itching to get their hands on a OLPC $100 laptop, why not taunt the caged tigers with a little more meat. I found these videos from Christopher Blizzard's blog. Christopher helped develop the modified version of Fedora Core for the OLPC and Sugar GUI, so rest assured these videos of an OLPC XO running Doom are not fakes.

One laptop per child seeks top hackers

MIT's One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) group is inviting a few of the world's best hackers to help secure the new platform prior to launch.

The non-profit group is planning to deliver up to 100 million laptops to children in developing countries in the first year. If their massive plan works, the initiative will create the single largest monoculture of computer systems in the world. But with such a homogeneous environment come security risks.

One Laptop per Child project update

Christopher Blizzard wrote up a long update on where they are in the software and hardware for the Linux-based OLPC project. They've gotten a lot done, but he doesn't think that's been communicated to the outside world very well. So, for the first time, here's an update of where they are. Hopefully he'll be able to do this on a regular basis.