Linux in Business

NEC to Invest in Linux Patent Management Company

NEC will join IBM, Novell, Philips, Red Hat and Sony as an investor and licensee in Open Invention Network (OIN), an intellectual property company formed to further the Linux environment by acquiring patents and ensuring their availability.

NEC plans to boost its Linux business from 310 billion yen ($2.6 bil) in fiscal 2005 to 570 billion yen ($4.9 bil) in fiscal 2008.

Garmin is looking for a Linux Software Engineer

Garmin, the company that designs, manufactures, and markets navigation and communications equipment for the aviation and consumer markets is looking for a Linux Software Engineer.

Linux Networx Completes $37 Million Funding Round

Linux Networx, The Linux Supercomputing Company, today announced that it has completed a $37 million round of funding. The round includes new investors Lehman Brothers, Inc. and Canaccord Adams, as well as existing investors Oak Investment Partners and Tudor Ventures. The funding will drive the next phase in the company's strategy of delivering solutions that further reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and improve the performance, manageability and utilization of Linux Supercomputers.

RP firms looking for 'open source alternatives'

IT is no longer a question whether or not local companies should go open source. It is whether local providers can deliver open source solutions, executives of local software companies have said.

Fernando Contreras, Jr., president and chief executive officer of software development and system design firm Imperium Technology Inc., said local customers were now aware of "open source alternatives."

Open source - is it a risk for your business?

Although there are many benefits to using open source software, Paul Barton, technology partner at law firm Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP explains the legal issues end users must be aware of to avoid trouble.

For many organisations, from SMEs to government departments, the use of open source software (or OSS) is becoming increasingly popular. Lower costs, increased flexibility and, in many cases, better security make it an attractive option for IT departments.

But what are the legal obligations associated with its use?

The difference between working on an open source project and working on a paid job

Steven King wrote: Sometimes people ask me what the difference is between the work I do on my paid job during the day, and working on the open source project in my spare time. They don't understand why I would have a hobby that's not (or not much) different to my job.

But there are many differences between the two, and those differences decide whether working is fun or just work.

Former Red Hat Execs Want To Right-Size Linux

Billy Marshall, who as a VP at Red Hat helped take its North American sales from $8 million in 2001 to $150 million in 2005, and Erik Troan, ex-Red Hat VP of product engineering, have moved a few miles down the road to found rPath. The company wants to make it easier to bundle Linux with software applications. It serves app vendors, such as Digium and Ingres, that in turn produce digital files that include the Linux operating system preconfigured to run their specific application.

IBM announces 'Beyond Linux' strategy

IBM is expanding its open source strategy beyond Linux by targeting eight new technology areas where it will focus open source attention going forward.

Linux has reached a "tipping point' in its development, helped in part by IBM, so IBM can now nurture other forms of open source software development, an industry analyst says.