Larry Ellison's Linux nears release – pundit

Wall Street continues to drool over the idea of Oracle producing its own line of Linux software for reasons unclear to us.

Last week, Jeffries & Co analyst Katherine Egbert fired off a research note, claiming that "our independent checks in the past two weeks indicate that Oracle seems to be close to introducing its own software 'stack'." Rumours have floated for ages that Oracle will craft a Larry Ellison version of Linux to complement its database and other assorted middleware. Such a move would back up CEO Ellison's near constant Red Hat bashing.

What do dependencies have to do with Free Software?

There is one huge difference between the free and non-free software that has some very practical implications in the way we use it. One of those implications are the dependencies between single software packages in the free software model. What do they have to do with the free software philosophy and why should not you be afraid of them? Read on to find this out.

Linux and Women

A woman responded to a campaign to get more women involved with Linux with a suggestion. She was surprised (not happily) to find out that this pro-women Linux community was populated by mostly misogynists. It happened a few months ago, but the problem is as current as ever, and is critical if Linux is destined for mainstream use.

Goodbye Palm, hello Access Linux Platform

Instead--as predicted since Palm sold its PalmSource OS division to Japanese firm Access last year--it is now called Access Linux Platform (ALP).

Access made the announcement on Thursday as it revealed a new brand identity to make the transition away from Palm, and a new global Web site.

Reiser filesystem development to continue

Hans Reiser, the developer of the ReiserFS and Reiser4 filesystems, has been arrested in Oakland, California as a suspect in the disappearance of his estranged wife Nina Reiser. As the news of his arrest spreads in the free and open software communities, a growing concern is the effect that the case might have on Namesys, Hans Reiser's company, as well as the future of his filesystem work.

"Multiplied" Linux Desktop Migration Strategy for Novell SLED and openSUSE

Following is a six-page white paper that summarises the value of pursuing a Multiplied Novell SLED 10 or openSUSE strategy. Modern PCs spend most of the day idle. The Multiplied Linux Desktop strategy allows you to leverage this unused computing power and connect up to 10 full-featured workstations to a SINGLE, shared SLED 10 or openSUSE 10.1 computer. Ideal for Linux computer labs, Linux thin clients, Linux Internet cafés and Linux point-of-sale terminals.

Parallels Releases Workstation 2.2 Linux

Available free to Current Parallels Workstation Customers.

Parallels announced that it is releasing the final release version of Parallels Workstation 2.2 for Windows and Linux, the company’s easy to use, cost-effective desktop virtualization software.

Highly Anticipated ''Portland'' Ready for Primetime

Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), the global consortium dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Linux and open source software, and, the open source project focused on interoperability and shared technology for X Window System desktops, today announced the general availability of Portland 1.0. The software is available for download.