Save time with text editing one-liners

Text-editing operations are normally done interactively, inside a text editor application. Some tasks, however, can be accomplished quickly and easily, right from the UNIX command line. What's more, these one-liners can be used in scripts to automate various editing procedures.

Fluendo announces Windows Media and MPEG codec support for GNU/Linux

Fluendo, leader in GNU/Linux and Unix multimedia solutions, is expanding its offerings with the general availability of a wide range of codecs for the GNU/Linux and Solaris desktop and server systems. The Fluendo codecs plug directly into the popular and widely used GStreamer multimedia framework available on all the major GNU/Linux and Solaris systems.

What's the Linux Holdup?

Giving desktop Linux a larger market share? To be honest, this can be a touchy subject for me, personally. Much of the reasoning behind my "rough feelings" on the matter stem from the fact that I disagree with much of the Linux and Microsoft camps in general. That's right, I think that large numbers from both groups are wrong, and it's because of this that each OS is experiencing so much trouble now in the press.

Vista launch will boost desktop Linux

The launch of Windows Vista has created a huge opportunity for Linux vendors to take a larger share of the corporate desktop market, according to the president of Linux Australia.

Talking Linux in Sydney

There are three major Linux conferences held annually, one each in the US, Canada and Australia. That alone should provide an indication of the extent to which Australians have been, and are, involved in the free and open source software community. From Monday, Sydney's University of New South Wales will play host to the eighth Australian Linux Conference better known as

Manufacturing management company moves to Linux

Hines Corp. is a management company that oversees a conglomerate of manufacturers in the Midwest and Texas, and a distributorship in New York. It has a diverse IT infrastructure that requires attention around the clock. When Hines CIO Ed Harper decided it was time to consolidate and streamline aging legacy systems, he turned from Microsoft to Linux.

Execute commands by whistling

Use Linux or Microsoft Windows, the open source sndpeek program, and a simple Perl script to read specific sequences of tonal events -- literally whistling, humming, or singing at your computer -- and run commands based on those tones. Give your computer a short low whistle to check your e-mail or unlock your screensaver with the opening bars of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

India’s Very Own Linux

Pushing the drive to promote open source software in India, Dayanidhi Maran, minister of communications & information technology, has released BOSS Linux. Developed by C-DAC, the Linux distribution BOSS stands for Bharat Operating System Solutions and caters to the Indian users. It provides support for Indian language and offers packages mostly used by the governments. It is expected that the subsequent versions of the operating system will support the educational domain as well.