Linux Foundation Improves Printing Functionality in Linux with LSB Driver Development Kit

The Linux Foundation (LF), the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, today announced the availability of the Linux Standard Base Driver Development Kit (LSB DDK) for print drivers.

Linux Foundation tackles power concerns

Linux developers are gearing up for a summit next week in Canada to discuss the issue of power management in the open-source framework.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Embraces Linux

Answering the call for an open source option from Information Technology professionals, Intuit Inc. announced today that businesses will soon be able to operate QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions from Linux servers. It is the first time the company has made one of its products available to users of open source systems.

Open Country Unveils Source Code Licensing Model for Systems Management Software

Open Country, a next-generation systems management software company, today announced it has begun licensing the source code to its flagship system management platform, OCM, the winner of LinuxJournal’s coveted 2006 Product Excellence Award for Best Linux Systems Management Solution.

Clubbing baby Linux penguins

Some things can't be spun.

If you're clubbing baby seals into a bloody pulp, for example, I can't hear your justifications. You can talk about needing to make a living and how this is how it's always been done, but all I'm thinking is, there is nothing you can say that will make me like you for this. Or ever agree that it is acceptable. I want you to find a better way, something that doesn't involve cruelty to adorable little creatures that never harmed a flea. I hear them crying.

Similarly, when Microsoft joined the SCO "you must pay me forever for my precious IP" club, made up of companies that don't know enough not to club baby Linux penguins, the world said, Ewww.

Is the Linux development model flawed?

Back in the early 1990s, when Linux initiator Linus Torwalds and open source software started to make headlines, the idea of giving software away seemed crazy. Looking at the headway the movement has made since then, you might be forgiven for wondering why Linux desktops have failed to become as ubiquitous as Linux servers are.

Can Linux close its technical gaps?

Legal threats may be the high-profile risk for Linux, but the popular open source kernel project is coming face-to-face with key technical shortcomings, too. As the Linux Foundation plans its first Collaboration Summit for June 13 through 15 at the Google campus in Mountain View, Linux contributors are speaking out about kernel gaps that have no solution readily in sight.

Mainsoft boosts .Net development for Linux

Mainsoft today announced the release of Mainsoft for Java™ EE, version 2.0, (formerly called Visual MainWin for J2EE), a suite of products that enables .NET developers to produce .NET Web and server applications that run on Linux and other Java-enabled platforms, without having to rewrite their code or learn new development skills.