Legal Issues

Hans Reiser Laughs During Court Proceedings

Oakland computer programmer Hans Reiser repeatedly laughed in court and whispered in his lawyer's ear today as prosecutors presented circumstantial evidence aimed at proving that he murdered his wife Nina Reiser, who disappeared on Sept. 3.

Prosecutor Greg Dolge said testimony in the hearing shows Hans Reiser was "avoiding police at all costs" and his behavior is "evidence of a guilty conscience."

Novell Tells the Court It Still Wants Those Transcripts from SCO v. IBM

Novell has filed its Reply in Support of Novell's Expedited Motion to Compel Production of Deposition Transcripts and Exhibits from SCO v. IBM.

Attorney puts missing woman's character on trial

The defense attorney representing murder suspect Hans Reiser painted missing mother Nina Reiser as a woman who had been engaging in deviant sexual behavior and whose family has ties to Russian secret police and intelligence agencies.

That depiction was made during the preliminary hearing for Oakland's Hans Reiser, 43, on charges that he murdered his estranged wife. In the morning, the missing woman's best friend, Ellen Doren, and the couple's 7-year-old son testified in the courtroom of Judge Julie Conger in Alameda Superior Court in Oakland.

SCO's Objections Are Denied

Having thoroughly reviewed and considered the briefing related to IBM’s Motion to Limit SCO’s Claims, the briefing related to SCO’s objections, the underlying previous discovery orders, and the arguments made at the October 24 hearing, the court finds that, even under a de novo standard of review, the Magistrate Judge’s June 28, 2006 Order is correct.

Hans Reiser pleads not guilty

Hans Reiser, author of ReiserFS, entered a not-guilty plea in Alameda County Superior Court in Oakland in the slaying of his wife, Nina Reiser, 31. Today, attorney Daniel Horowitz withdrew from the case, saying Reiser couldn't afford his services.

OIN stands ready to protect Linux from patent attack

Having formed last year to provide Linux with intellectual property (IP) protection, the Open Invention Network has declared itself ready to respond to Microsoft Corp's 'baseless' claims that Linux contains its IP.

Denial of service attacks outlawed

A UK law has been passed that makes it an offence to launch denial of service attacks, which experts had previously called "a legal grey area."

Former SCO CEO admits under oath that SCO's lawsuit against IBM is bogus

Ransome Love basically admits that all of SCO's claims against IBM and against Linux are bogus. For example, SCO says Linux is derivative of Unix code that it owns. Bull. "To my knowledge, while I was CEO at Caldera, no one at the company viewed Linux as a derivative of any UNIX software".