Legal Issues

Reiser Hearing Postponed Until March

Hans Reiser wanted a speedy preliminary hearing on charges that he murdered his wife Nina Reiser, but owing to his attorney's busy schedule, will have to wait at least until March 9 for the conclusion of those proceedings.

IBM's Greatest Hits: Exhibit 12, Sept. 2003 -- What code? Exactly where?

We have seen SCO's answers to IBM's Second Set of Interrogatories, but not the text of the interrogatories themselves [PDF], so here it is, IBM's Second Set of Interrogatories and Second Request for Production of Documents, as text. This is yet another exhibit, Exhibit 12, in IBM's list of 597 exhibits in support of its various summary judgment motions -- the motions SCO has acknowledged might mean SCO's case will never see a jury.

Judge Wells Rules: IBM Did *Not* Destroy Evidence

Chris Brown is back from the hearing today on two SCO motions, the Motion for Protective Order Regarding Dr. Jeffrey Leitzinger's Personal Financial Information and the Motion for Relief for IBM's Spoliation of Evidence.

And here's his initial report.

Son's Testimony May Be Key In Reiser Murder Hearing

The testimony of 7-year-old Rory Reiser emerged Tuesday as a key factor in the case against Oakland software developer Hans Reiser on charges that he murdered his estranged wife Nina Reiser, who was last seen alive on Sept. 3.

Hans Reiser Selling His Company

Hans Reiser, the prominent Bay Area Linux programmer charged with murdering his wife, says he's seeking to sell off his open-source file system company, Namesys, to help pay mounting legal costs.

Returning Author’s Rights: Termination of Transfer Tool

Creative Commons is excited to launch a beta version of its “Returning Authors Rights: Termination of Transfer” tool. The tool has been included in ccLabs — CC’s platform for demoing new tech tools. It’s a beta demo so it doesn’t produce any usable results at this stage.

DNA found to be Nina Reiser's, forensic expert testifies

A expert in forensic investigations testified Wednesday that there is almost no chance blood lifted from a pillar in Hans Reiser's home and blood on a sleeping bag stuff sack found in his car is not that of his estranged wife Nina Reiser.

In fact, the chance is less than 1 in 45 trillion, said Shannon Cavness, a criminalist with the Oakland Police Department who both sides agreed is an expert in forensic biology and DNA analysis.

Law In Business: Open source of confusion

There is more to free software applications than meets the eye. John Buyers looks at the legal risks of open source software.