Interview with Mark Taylor of UK Open Source Consortium

Sean Daly's telephone interview with Mark Taylor, President of the UK Open Source Consortium.

Stallman trumpets free software

Amidst hisses and applause, political activist Richard Stallman — standing barefoot behind a podium, sporting a wild beard and playing with his long, shaggy hair — discussed what he terms the “conspiracy” of companies against the consumer Wednesday night.

GNU GPL Creator Richard Stallman on the Meaning of 'Free'

"Many computer users tend to equate Microsoft with evil, but that is a mistake. Yes, Microsoft develops non-free software, and yes, that is evil, but Microsoft is only one company among many that do this, and it is wrong no matter who does it," said Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Movement, author of the GNU GPL and initial developer of the GNU OS, which is the basis of today's GNU/Linux system.

Interview with John Hull of Dell

"It has been over four months since Dell started shipping computers preloaded with Ubuntu GNU/Linux to home consumers in the United States. Lets take a moment to look at the progress that has been made so far. John Hull, manager of the Linux Engineering team in Austin was kind enough to let me interview him by e-mail. Besides commenting on the current state of affairs with Ubuntu on Dell machines, he also offers some insight in how the Linux team at Dell works and opens a small window into the future of Linux at Dell."

The Artwork of Fedora 8

Over the past few releases, Fedora has gained a reputation amongst the various distributions for having some of the best artwork out there. This time around, responsibility has been handed over entirely to the community Art Team, and they've done themselves proud.

Read on to find an interview with Mairin Duffy. Fedora Art team lead and previews of some of the key elements belonging to the infinity theme.

Xfce behind the scenes: interview with Benedikt Meurer

LXer interviews one of the lead developers of the Xfce desktop environment.

Stallman: are you ready to fight for freedom?

Are you ready to fight for freedom or are you too lazy to resist? That is the challenge Richard Stallman throws down to the open source community in this major interview from our sister title Computerworld Brazil. He also spells out his views on Microsoft, Linus Torvalds and much more.

Bruce Perens: Innovation Goes Public

"Bruce Perens is here for the second keynote of the evening. I spoke to Bruce on IT Conversations last March when he was last in Utah to protest the Novell/Microsoft deal. Bruce is not only interesting to listen to, but entertaining as well."