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Locking down portmap on Debian

Most sensible people are very wary of NFS and its potential for security holes. If you can at all help it, it's a good idea not to run NFS and portmap on a network interface with direct internet connectivity. However, this isn't always convenient.

Get started with GAWK: AWK language fundamentals

Discover the basic concepts of the AWK text-processing and pattern-scanning language. This tutorial gets you started programming in AWK: You'll learn how AWK reads and sorts its input data, run AWK pr

Resetting a forgotten MySQL root password

Resetting the root password of a MySQL database is trivial if you know the current password if you don't it is a little tricker. Thankfully it isn't too difficult to fix, and here we'll show one possible way of doing so.

MySQL Backup And Recovery With mysql-zrm On Debian Sarge

This guide describes how to back up and recover your MySQL databases with mysql-zrm on a Debian Sarge system. mysql-zrm is short for Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL, it is a new tool that lets you create full logical or raw backups of your databases (regardless of your storage engine and MySQL configuration), generate reports about the backups, verify the integrity of the backups, and recover your databases. It can also send email notifcations about the backup status, and you can implement multiple backup policies (based on your applications and based on time (e.g. daily, weekly, etc.)).

Running Internet Explorer in Debian and ubuntu Linux

No clicks needed. No boring setup processes. No Wine complications. Just one easy script and you ’ll get three IE versions to test your Sites. And it’s free and open source.This may be very helpful for software developers and web developers to test their applications.

Quick guide to get a girlfriend using Linux

This guide is pretty straightforward. No introductions, lectures or philosophing about love. Follow it from beginning to end, and you might get a woman today!

How several configurations can keep your system safe from attack

Learn techniques for making your Linux system more resistant to attacks, including securing the boot process and local filesystems, locking up services and daemons, enforcing quotas and limits, enabling mandatory access control, and recognizing security vulnerabilities that can be introduced when updating security with new software. Part 1 in this series introduces security concepts and potential threats. Part 2 lists the concerns to keep in mind when planning a secure installation.

Create ringtones out of WAV and MP3 files on Linux

As long as you have a WAV or MP3 file, the SoX package, and the GStreamer gstreamer-plugins-ugly package installed, you can use these scripts to convert from MP3 or WAV to AMR, and back from AMR to WAV. Perfect for creating ringtones for your mobile phone out of sound clips or favorite songs!