Impending Debian import freeze

"Just a brief note to remind you all that the DebianImportFreeze for Hardy is two days away. This is the deadline for initial merges of packages for Hardy; after Thursday, December 13, merging packages is a freeze exception, so please have your remaining merges for hardy finished before this point."

Debian win32-loader Goes Official

After a long process of review and polishing, the win32 loader from has finally made its way to official Debian CDs. Latest daily builds of lenny (the development version) are including it, making starting Debian Installer as simple as just a few clicks (OGG). The win32-loader version, now based on GRUB 2, includes new features such as detection and pre-seeding of Windows settings, and is translated to 20 languages.

Debian 4.0r1 Released

The Debian project has updated the stable distribution Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 (codename Etch). This update adds security updates to the stable release, together with a few corrections to serious problems. As always, the first point release also corrects a few issues that have been noticed too late in the release process to stop the release, but still should be fixed.

Debian Turns 14 Today!

Debian, one of my long time favorite Linux distributions turned 14 today. Without the Debian project there would be no Ubuntu.

MEPIS to switch from Ubuntu to Debian

SimplyMEPIS, a very popular desktop Linux, is going to change back to using Debian Linux for its core from Ubuntu. In March of 2006, MEPIS founder Warren Woodford, decided to switch to Ubuntu from Debian for the next version of SimplyMEPIS, version 6.0.

The plan was to use Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Long Term Service), aka Dapper Drake, as MEPIS' foundation.

Debian swirl logo used in PA State Museum gift shop

"Today I decided to take a few pictures of the State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg PA. They have a gift shop in the lower level called the Radius Gallery, which features artwork from Harrisburg Area Community College students. And as you can see from the pictures below, it seems that they have borrowed the Debian "swirl" logo."

Running 32-bit Applications on 64-bit Debian GNU/Linux

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) developed a series of 64-bit extensions to their 32-bit RISC-based Intel IA-32 (i386) compatible processors. AMD sell their AMD64 (x86-64) architecture processors under a range of names: Athlon 64; Turion 64; Phenom; Opteron and Sempron (only the latest generation).

Making Debian sexy again: Sam Hocevar speaks

How many developers run for the post of leader of the Debian GNU/Linux project and cite as part of their platform a desire to make Debian sexy again?