Open-Source 3D Game Engine for Apple iPhone

Gregory Ray, lead organizer of announced today that he has hired the Brazilian programmer, Gutemberg Ribeiro, of “Conceptus” an open source game engine, to port his engine over to Apple’s iPhone platform. The port of the game engine will remain open source and will be available under LGPL license to allow true 3D game development on the iPhone.

First Open Source Native App for iPhone Contact Synchronization

Funambol today announced it has released an open source native app for iPhone contact synchronization. The Funambol plug-in for iPhone synchronizes the iPhone's address book with contacts from popular sources such as Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, GNOME Evolution and SyncML servers such as the Funambol server.

What the iPhone SDK means for open source

In a purely technical sense, news that Apple will offer an iPhone software development kit and allow third-party applications is not an open source story.

iPod Classic Will Be Supported

As recently reported on Slashdot, Apple, in its infinite wisdom, has added a checksum to the iPod database apparently to restrict non-iTunes products (like Amarok via libgpod) from having the ability to add music. To me this sounds pretty familiar. This is the same thing they did to iTunes 4.5 to make it harder for other apps to read off their DAAP shares, they changed it again in iTunes 7; open source apps are still unable to read iTunes 7 DAAP shares.

Run Mac OS X Apps On Linux?

"I have the urge to commit my 24" Core 2 Duo iMac to a single Linux operating system, thus giving up the goodness of my beloved Mac OS X. I am not a stranger to Linux, but I am a stranger to running Mac apps on Linux."

gtkpod V0.99.10 Released

gtkpod is a platform independent GUI for Apple's iPod using GTK2. It allows you to import your existing iTunes database, to add songs, podcasts, video and cover art and to edit ID3 tags. gtkpod also features international charset support for ID3 tags, detects when adding already existing songs, and more.

Apple Purchases CUPS

Apple Inc. acquired ownership the CUPS source code and hired the creator of CUPS (Michael R Sweet).

An Open Letter to AppleTV Hackers

The Neuros people are looking to grab the attention of AppleTV Hackers:

"I am writing to introduce you to Neuros, and to solicit your help in building the next generation open set-top box, the Neuros OSD and other future products."