Tertiary group calls on open source experts for community learning project

A venture funded by the Ministry of Education's e-learning Collaborative Development Fund, implemented by ITPNZ and led by Bay of Plenty Polytechnic is seeking to develop an Open Source Gateway for its SPEEKS Gateway Project.

Adobe to Open Source Flex

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced plans to release source code for Adobe Flex as open source. This initiative will let developers worldwide participate in the growth of the industry’s most advanced framework for building cross-operating system rich Internet applications (RIAs) for the Web and enabling new Apollo applications for the desktop. The open source Flex SDK and documentation will be available under the Mozilla Public License (MPL).

Mandriva Raising Cash

"Because we are publicly traded, raising cash follows a rather slow process: we need a board meeting, then a shareholder meeting to put the decision up for a vote and this takes some weeks to organize. So the actual cash infusion will happen only after the May 25, if/when our shareholders approve it."

Stretching the Education Dollar With Linux

While there are several different distributions of Linux specifically aimed at educators and students, they are not all created equal. Most, however, bear striking similarities -- both in the basic code and in the assortment of software offerings bundled into the distribution. Though each flavor of Linux has its own pros and cons, that variety may actually work to a user's advantage.

LinuxBIOS with X11 server completely in flash ROM

Now, this is one cool project (and video) from Alan Carvalho de Assis, as announced on the LinuxBIOS mailing list: LinuxBIOS with X Server Inside (YouTube video).

Clarification on Feisty’s proprietary drivers

Mark Shuttleworth's clarification on Feisty’s proprietary drivers:

"We define “essential hardware” as functionality which exists widely and for which there are free software applications that are broadly useful and which take advantage of that hardware. The canonical example has always been wifi drivers, some of which only come in proprietary blobs, but which of course enable huge parts of the free software stack to Just Work. We have always shipped those, and intend to continue to do so."

IBM, Oracle Co-Market Linux on Mainframes

Linux on IBM mainframes is getting a vote of confidence from Oracle and research firm IDC.

IBM and Oracle recently inked a deal that to garner broader support for Oracle applications running on Linux for IBM's System z mainframe systems.

Red Hat's Volley on Linux Management Offering

Call it Red Hat's forward spin velocity regarding Linux management tools. With competition such as Oracle offering full Red Hat support on their own products, Red Hat is now expanding and improving its Linux management footprint.