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Forum Rules

Welcome to the Linuxlookup Forums

With every great community, there are the rules and laws that ensure people coexist peacefully. These forums are no different. There are boundaries to what is and what is not allowed. These rules are in place to ensure the Linuxlookup Forums continue to be a friendly place where members can learn and share information on a variety of computing and non-computing topics.

Etiquette for the forum.

The following best practice tips can make participating in the forums a more pleasurable and productive experience for everyone:

Context-sensitive forum post titles.

Good titles are just as important in forum posting as they are in email. Many newbies believe that the easiest way to get support is to scream "HELP" in all caps in a subject line. However, the Drupal forums and issues are very active. Many Linuxlookup members check the recent content page and scan the titles. They prioritize how they may use their limited time by offering support where they feel they can provide direct assistance. So a post like "Getting error X in installation" or "Help with thinking through corporate Internet site design" is more likely to attract someone who can assist with your problem.