RedHat Linux 7.3 Review

As you may have already guessed from my previous articles I prefer RedHat's Linux distribution. As a loyal follower over the years I must say that RedHat 7.3 is the best Redhat has offered so far. I'm not saying this because it is the latest incarnation. A lot of this distributions enhancements make it so. For example being able to use the keyboard number pad during the GUI installation was great. I know, it is a little thing, but the last few distributions didn't have that feature (to my knowledge) and my fingers really depend on the keypad for speedily imputing numbers.

RedHat Linux 7.2 Review

A buddy of mine introduced me to RedHat Linux back in 1996, on a CD. Until then I had downloaded different flavors across 28.8/33.6 modem, a rather painful experience. After that introduction I have been a loyal follower since. I have looked to RedHat Linux for stability, features, and ease of use. Their latest release, 7.2, is perhaps the best yet.