Dell Dimension 4550 Review

One day I was surfing Dell's website to help a friend purchase a new computer and I stumbled across this baby. I know that I did not need a new computer. I had just built myself an Athlon 1700+ XP based system earlier this year.

Dell Latitude C840 Mobile Workstation Review

For the last two years I have been using a notebook as my daily base of operations. As a "roadwarrior" I like to have all of my programs, files, etc on hand at all times. I love the freedom of being able to pack up and go, wherever, and have a powerful computer at my side. I thought I had it all with my previous laptop. But I once again outgrew a computer. I was in the need of much more power. I found it with the Latitude C840.

Dell Inspiron 4000 C600GT Notebook Review

Recently, I was given the chance to get my hands on a brand new Dell Inspiron 4000. Can you guess what the first thing I did was? If you guessed, "Format that filthy Windows partition and install Linux on that baby!" then you are dead right. The contents of this review is a detailed synopsis of my experience with Linux on the Dell Inspiron 4000 C600GT laptop, how compatible it was as a whole, as well as my general thoughts on it.