Abit AI7 Motherboard Review

The AI7 is one of Abit's latest motherboards to introduce an innovative new set of features dubbed 'uGuru'. uGuru is Abit's own on-board processor that allows real-time monitoring and tweaking of the motherboard in Windows. The idea behind uGuru sounds great, but is windows based so all you Linux users will have little or no use for this function.

Abit KT7-RAID Socket A Motherboard Review

With Socket A motherboards now being almost a dime a dozen, Abit steps in with it's contender, the KT7-RAID. This board packs a killer punch, and there is no question it is one of the top boards for Socket A processors. In the past, Abit has been quite innovative with its products, and the KT7-RAID continues this tradition. Lets see how this baby shapes up under Linux.

Abit BP6 Dual Socket 370 Motherboard Review

This BP6 motherboard was considered to be "bleeding-edge" technology and brought many "firsts" with its release. For those who don't know, "bleeding-edge" is technology considered to be too new and experimental to even be considered "cutting-edge". This board was the first motherboard to sport dual Socket 370 processors, and the first to offer an onboard Ultra ATA/66 controller with the BX chipset.