New York Times won't let Linux users view (some) videos

"There is no technical reason why a GNU/Linux user running the proprietary Flash player can't view New York Times video, but for some reason that newspaper's honchos have decided to limit video viewing everywhere except on their front page to proprietary operating systems."

SCALE 5x Issues Call For Papers

SCALE 5x, the Southern California Linux Expo has issued a call for papers. SCALE 5x will be held on Feb 10-11, 2007 at the Los Angeles Airport Westin. Past speakers have included Chris Dibona, Jon "maddog" Hall, and Andrew Morton.

Microsoft offers support to Mozilla

Let’s face it. Microsoft till date has been no friend of the open-source movement. There is enough bad-blood between open source evangelists and Microsoft to fill up pages. However this could be soon changing. In a rather unusual move, Microsoft has issued an open invitation to the Mozilla Corp. to bring both its Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail application into the Windows fold.

Ubuntu update flaw

An update was released for Dapper on 21 August 2006 UTC, which has been found to cause problems on certain systems.

A subsequent update published 17 hours later corrects this, so if your system is fully up to date now and you have no obvious graphical system failures, then you are highly unlikely to be affected. However, delays to the system of update distribution mean that you should make sure you have fully updated before rebooting your computer. You can read more about the issue to ensure you will not be affected, and learn what steps we are taking to ensure this does not happen again.

Unofficial Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake) Starter Guide

Check out this Ubuntu starter guide maintained by the Linux Center of University of Latvia. A great resource for anyone using Ubuntu. It’s Wiki based too, so feel free to contribute.

Flash 9 for Xubuntu (Kind-of)

When Flash 8 and 9 weren’t released for Linux, I thought, "why doesn’t someone just edit Flash’s code and change the 7 to a 9?" Turns out it’s possible. Here’s how.

Intel to help Vietnam's communists go open-source

The Vietnamese Communist Party's decision to move its computer systems to open-source software got a boost on Friday from Intel, the world's largest chip maker.

Under terms of a memorandum of understanding signed on Friday, Intel will help the Communist Party's Central Committee for Science and Education (CCSE) set up a laboratory, called OpenLab, for testing and developing open-source software. Over the next three years, the lab will oversee the installation of the software on 27,000 PCs running Intel processors, the chip maker said.

GIMP vs. Photoshop - What still needs to be done?

We all know that the GIMP is more or less the de-facto standard for image editing in Linux, where Adobe Photoshop is the standard on the Mac and Windows (and some Linux boxes using Crossover Office) The question is the following: Does GIMP have what it takes to dethrone Adobe Photoshop as the standard?