Sony Mylo Built On Qtopia Linux

Linux Powers the new Sony's Mylo WiFi Handheld. Built on Trolltech's Qtopia platform on Linux, unlike any other mobile device Sony has made. There's a lot of software available for Qtopia as well, which could be a big plus for Mylo users. That is if Sony opens up the system.

Open source standards and proprietary profit

Sun Microsystems last week unveiled a portal that will detail its efforts to make its Java programming language available as open source code.

After the announcement, Bob Brewin, Sun's chief technology officer for software , talked to Computerworld about the state of the company's effort to make Java SE (Standard Edition) code available to the open source community.

Gentoo Linux 2006.1 Released

The Gentoo Release Engineering team proudly announces the release of Gentoo Linux 2006.1, the second release of the year. Building on the strengths of previous releases and featuring all of Gentoo's well-documented flexibility, performance and portability, this release is now available on all supported architectures. The most popular architectures now use GCC 4.1, glibc 2.4 and baselayout 1.12.1, as well as including a new profile layout, with seperate desktop and server profiles.

Linux will get buried?

Apple’s UNIX (who knows what it’ll be called by then) will overtake commercial Linux in rate of revenue growth by the end of 2007. By mid-2008, Apple’s sales of systems with factory-installed Apple UNIX will exceed the total combined sales of x86 systems factory-shipped with commercial Linux. At the end of the decade, we’ll find that Apple UNIX has overtaken commercial Linux as the second most popular general client and server computing platform behind Windows.

Nokia teams with Sourcefire to offer Intrusion Prevention

Nokia announces plans to offer Sourcefire's Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) on its portfolio of high-performance IP Security Platforms. Nokia Intrusion Prevention with Sourcefire will provide enterprises with defense-in-depth by analyzing network traffic to discover risks, determine their business impact and take actions to defend the network.

Interview with Mike Melanson on the Linux Flash Player

Mike Melanson, the lead engineer on Adobe's Flash Player team, and one of the talented people behind the Linux Flash Player agreed to do an email interview with Ryan Stewart of ZDNet about Linux and Flash.

The difference between working on an open source project and working on a paid job

Steven King wrote: Sometimes people ask me what the difference is between the work I do on my paid job during the day, and working on the open source project in my spare time. They don't understand why I would have a hobby that's not (or not much) different to my job.

But there are many differences between the two, and those differences decide whether working is fun or just work.

New Features and other interesting stuff in Debian 4.0 "Etch"

Alexander Schmehl started to collect internal changes, features, newly introduced packages, updated and removed packages that Debian will probably include in the upcoming 4.0 "Etch" release.