The Most Demanding Web 2.0 Sites in the World Run MySQL

If there's one thing the top Web 2.0 sites in the world have in common, it's that they need to deliver fast results to millions of simultaneous users. The other thing they have in common is MySQL. The MySQL database server enables Web sites like Craigslist, Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Feedburner, Digg and thousands of others to scale out to meet ever-increasing volumes of users and transactions.

Debian update-alternatives

A real brilliant feature of Debian is the alternatives system. Couple of days ago i was playing with java. and I wanted both the Sun java and the Kaffe version installed on my system. The problem here is, how to easily tell wich java compiler to use, the sun version or kaffe? I’m a big fan of the ruby language and i regularly switch between version of the ruby interpeter for testing. You could achieve this in a couple of ways, change the shebang to point to the correct version of the interpeter or don’t use the shebang but instead call the correct interpeter before executing each script or maybe you change the PATH and have the preferred interpeter somewhere in the beginning of your PATH. I don’t really like any of these solutions for various reasons, there is a solution and you might have guessed it “the alternatives system”.

Is open source getting to Microsoft?

Microsoft's decision to not enforce patents on Web services standards underscores the growing acceptance of core open-source tenets.

The software giant on Tuesday published the Microsoft Open Specification Promise, a document that says that Microsoft will not sue anyone who creates software based on Web services technology, a set of standardized communication protocols designed by Microsoft and other vendors.

Alleged GPL violation spurs accusations, lawsuit

Alexander Maryanovsky, the developer of Jin, a Java-based chess client, has filed a lawsuit in Israel that alleges multiple violations of the GNU General Public License (GPL). In the suit, Maryanovsky alleges that International Chess University (IChessU), a startup offering online chess tutoring, and Alexander Rabinovitch, its CEO, violated both his copyright and the GPL in its production and distribution of the IChessU client, a piece of software based on Jin. Both sides agree on the general outline of events, but differ in their interpretation of the GPL and its applicability.

MythTV vs Windows Media Centre: is Linux still in with a chance?

When it comes to media center software, can the Linux solutions hold up against Windows XP Media Center and the looming Vista Home Premium with MCE built-in?

Funnily enough, the answer is less to do with features and functionality and more to do with perception and corporate muscle.

Government Votes For Open Source

With growing support from policy-makers and adoption by the Department of Defense (DoD), Linux has rapidly moved beyond the curious alternative to become the platform of choice for many government agencies.

Now, with open-source adoption moving beyond the infrastructure and up to the application, solution providers that can see beyond the concept of "free" software will be in high demand.

Fedora Core 6 Test3 Released

The Fedora Project announces the third and final test release of the Fedora Core 6 development cycle, available for the i386, x86_64, and ppc/ppc64 architectures, including Intel based Macintosh computers. Be aware that Test releases are recommended only for Linux experts/enthusiasts or for the technology evaluation, as many parts are likely to be broken and the rate of change is rapid.