Apache Velocity 1.5 Released

The Apache Velocity Team announces the immediate availability of the of Apache Velocity 1.5. This long-awaited release is the first major release of the Velocity engine as an Apache top level project (TLP).

Cracking Open the Door to Open Source

When Bill Hilf came from IBM Corp. to join Microsoft three years ago, the company's stance on open source vacillated wildly. It would swing from outright indifference to overt nastiness. Today, something else is unfolding: Microsoft is striking a surprising balance. It has stopped dismissing open source licensing and community development as dangerous folly or evil foe, and is looking for a way to both compete and co-exist.

Dell survey will help forge Linux offerings

"Your feedback on Dell IdeaStorm has been astounding. Thank you! We hear your requests for desktops and notebooks with Linux. We’re crafting product offerings in response, but we’d like a little more direct feedback from you: your preferences, your desires. We recognize some people prefer notebooks over desktops, high-end models over value models, your favorite Linux distribution, telephone-based support over community-based support, and so on. We can’t offer everything (all systems, all distributions, all support options), so we’ve crafted a survey (www.dell.com/linuxsurvey) to let you help us prioritize what we should deliver for you."

"Taking a few minutes to complete this survey will help us define our forthcoming Linux-based system offerings. We will close the survey on Friday, March 23. From there, we’ll take some time to analyze your feedback and work to provide the platforms and options you choose."

Evolution 2.10.0 Released

Evolution 2.10 has been released and brings integration with gtk-print, customizable fetching of IMAP headers, faster Performance, lots of memory fixes and memory reduction. Along with several bug fixes.

HP Touts its Prowess in Linux and Open Source

While everyone knows that Linux is now pervasive in IT organizations, the slippery nature of open source software makes it difficult to gauge how deeply it has penetrated into the data centers of the world.

The Business Case for Open Source Software

For all the hype regarding Open Source Software (OSS), we sometimes forget logic in the excitement of trying to get on board with this latest trend. What we really care about (or should care about) is making a sound business decision regarding software. Think everyone is hopping on the OSS bandwagon because the software doesn't cost anything? Think again. There's a lot more to making a business decision for OSS than just the up front cost. As the Open Source zealots like to say, "Free as in freedom, not as in beer."

Three Minutes With IBM's Linux Leader

Scott Handy started with IBM in 1983 as a systems engineer and went on to sales, marketing, and strategy positions covering large accounts, channels, small and medium business, and IBM products for Windows NT, Sun Solaris, and OS/2 Warp. Now, as vice president for Linux and open source, he is one of the main public faces articulating IBM's open-source strategy. IDG News Service Senior Writer Elizabeth Montalbano caught up with Handy at the sidelines of the recent LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit in New York. He talked about how the industry giant manages to support a vast product portfolio for Linux and open-source initiatives.

GUADEC 2007 Call for Papers deadline extended

The GUADEC 2007 Call for Papers deadline has been extended to Thursday 15th March.