xTuple Applications Certified for Mac OS X “Leopard”

xTuple announced that the current shipping release of its xTuple Applications – the OpenMFG Enterprise Resource Planning Suite and the PostBooks free and open source edition – have been certified for use on Apple’s new Mac OS X Leopard operating system.

BMC's William Hurley talks up open source

At 36 years old, William Hurley has been involved in IT for more than half his life, starting after a car accident that left him badly injured. While recovering, he began hacking X-objects for MacroMind and later Macromedia Director in the open-source multimedia community, then went to work at Apple Inc. and IBM, where he was a master inventor and senior manager of targeted Internet applications.

IBM Lotus Notes for Linux Multiple Insecure File Permission Vulnerabilities

Multiple vulnerabilities have been identified in IBM Lotus Notes for Linux, which could be exploited by malicious users to bypass security restrictions and potentially compromise a vulnerable system. These issues are caused due to insecure permissions being set on extracted binaries and the installdata file when executing the installer program, which could be exploited by a local attacker to modify arbitrary files such that subsequent installs performed by the root user could deploy malicious content or code to end user systems.

EsSalud utilizes virtualization capabilities in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

Red Hat announced that EsSalud, a state-owned insurance and service provider in Peru offering medical and economic benefits that cover eight million regularly insured parties and successors, has experienced success with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. With the solution's virtualization capabilities, the company has stabilized its organization-wide systems through a swift, transparent and cost-effective implementation project.

ASUSTek comments on Eee PC source code violation

"The open source code for EeePC is available here. To download the source code of all open source software packages that are included in the product, follow the steps listed below."

Why Microsoft Rattles The Patent Saber

It must be maddening to believe you command developer loyalties and lead legions worldwide, then watch developers flock to the Linux kernel. Maddening, that is, if you're Microsoft. Why does Microsoft say its patents cover Linux, while at the same time reaching out to other open source code projects? It's the Linux kernel development process.

Google announces open source contest for high school students

Google has announced a contest open to high school students during the Open Source Developers' Conference in Brisbane, Australia. The Google Highly Open Participation Contest was created to help introduce high school students to open source software development.

Putting Linux in Perspective

"While I was cleaning up my office I ran into the March 1986 issue of UNIX/WORLD, a long-since deceased magazine. I had saved this particular magazine because I am the author of the article featured on the cover: The Unix System on the IBM PC."