SCO caught trying to change Wikipedia article and cover up Groklaw links.

From this post on Yahoo message boards, someone from within SCO has been caught trying to cover up info they don't like in Wikipedia's article on SCO, "sanitize" the Darl McBride article, and post on the Yahoo message boards that SCO stock really is a good buy.

Applying "The Art of War" to Open Source, Linux and BSD

Ask most people who have made the switch to a libre software product like Linux or BSD and they'll tell you that we're in a fight with Microsoft and everything that the closed-source world represents. It's not just us - Microsoft certainly thinks we're in a battle as well. Senior Microsoft leadership are actively engaged in spreading Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt to undermine the public confidence in Linux.

Reiser pleads not guilty in wife's slaying

Oakland computer programmer Hans Reiser pleaded not guilty last friday to murdering his estranged wife in a case that could go to a jury next month after he exercised his right to a speedy trial.

Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring Released

Mandriva, the global Linux distributor, is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its new distribution: Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring.

Is Red Hat Acting Like Microsoft?

Red Hat is catching flak from the open-source community over a series of cease-and-desist letters the company's lawyers have sent to independent consultants that provide training and consulting for the company's Hibernate platform.

Nero to uncover Nero Linux 3 at CeBIT

Nero, leader in digital media technology, announced today that Nero Linux 3 will be unveiled at CeBIT. The new version of the definitive burning application for Linux operating systems will feature Blu-ray and HD DVD data recording support as well as an improved graphical user interface that is similar to the look and feel of the current Nero Burning ROM 7 edition.

Surprise, Microsoft Listed as Most Secure OS

Microsoft is frequently dinged for having insecure products, with security holes and vulnerabilities. But Symantec, no friend of Microsoft, said in its latest research report that when it comes to widely-used operating systems, Microsoft is doing better overall than its leading commercial competitors.