Why Open Source Software? Look at the numbers

This paper provides quantitative data that, in many cases, using open source software / free software (abbreviated as OSS/FS, FLOSS, or FOSS) is a reasonable or even superior approach to using their proprietary competition according to various measures.

Firefox Usage Near 25% In Europe

French researcher Xiti claims that Mozilla Firefox keeps winning terrain in Europe. 24.1% of Internet users in Europe use Firefox. Slovenia (44.5%), Finland (41.3%), Croatia (36.5%), and Germany (36.2%) lead the way, followed by a group of mostly Eastern European countries. Remarkably, The Netherlands is only at 13.3%, right before Andorra. Oceania maintains a slight lead over Europe, at 24.8%; the rest of the world trails at 11.9% to 15.1%.

KDE-Forum Romania Launched

After the rise of KDE-Forum.org, and KDE-Forum.de, Romanians wanted a forum of their own, and KDE-Forum Romania was born. Destined to unite all Romanians under one roof, KDE-Forum Romania is going to join its brothers on the boat for the upcoming KDE 4 release.

3 Steps to Creating Ringtones with Ubuntu

Don't pay for a ringtone ever again, make your own for free using Open Source Software.

Red Hat Looks to India for Services Strategy Hub

Until now, Red Hat was best known for the distribution and support of open source operating system Linux. About 80 percent of its revenues are built on subscriptions for its Linux OS, and about 20 percent on services. Its majority market share is now under threat with a new rival in the form enterprise software major Oracle that has ventured into Linux support and is actively publicizing it.

Drowning in Distros

"Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink" Although the state of Linux Desktops.. or for that matter ANY free software, will seldom be akin to Coleridge’s drowning man, it may well happen that with hundreds of Distributions to choose from, the right one may be left out.

Ubuntu Delivers on the Promise of Open Source

For users wanting a secure, feature rich alternative to Microsoft Windows, Canonical Ltd., the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, announced today the Thursday release of Ubuntu version 7.04.

Greenphone Developer Challenge

Trolltech today announced the start of the Qtopia Greenphone Developer Challenge, a global contest for innovative development of Linux-based mobile phone applications. Entrants can create their applications using either the community or commercial version of Qtopia Phone Edition.