GIMP 2.2.14 Released

Version 2.2.14 of the GNU Image Manipulation Program is a bug-fix release in the stable 2.2 series. The source code is available from Binary packages for the various supported platforms should become available soon.

For a detailed list of changes Read More.

Open Source rising in N.Z. education

The last three years has seen a dramatic uptake of Open Source in New Zealand in the Education sector. The Tertiary Education Commission has an e-Learning Collaborative Development Fund (eCDF) that provides the means for a wide variety of New Zealand tertiary institutions to develop sustainable Open Source solutions.

Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring Released

Mandriva is proud to announce the release of its brand new distribution that provides up-to-date and freshly released open source software: Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring.

Mark Shuttleworth: "Time for mass consumer sales of Linux on desktop has not yet come"

The founder of the Ubuntu-project talks in an interview about the integration of proprietary drivers, the One Laptop per Child project and "great applications" from Microsoft.

OrangeHRM Open Source HRM System Launches On-Demand Option

OrangeHRM Inc. today announced the availability of OrangeHRM On-Demand, a hosted version of its OrangeHRM open source human resources management solution for small and mid-sized enterprises. The company has also released a new Version 2.1 that upgrades the system’s Leave Management module and a variety of other functions.

Goodbye IBM Tivoli, Hello Open Source?

More and more IT management customers apparently want low-cost open source alternatives, according to TechIQ's The VAR Guy.

Open source vs secret sauce, FUD is back on the menu

A few weeks back, one of The Tolly Group's testing clients got a fair bit of press when it announced test results showing that its open source, Fast Ethernet router outperformed Cisco's 2821 Integrated Services Router.

"Twice the performance at half the price"

Why Open Source Software? Look at the numbers

This paper provides quantitative data that, in many cases, using open source software / free software (abbreviated as OSS/FS, FLOSS, or FOSS) is a reasonable or even superior approach to using their proprietary competition according to various measures.