Etiquette for the forum.

The following best practice tips can make participating in the forums a more pleasurable and productive experience for everyone:

Context-sensitive forum post titles.

Good titles are just as important in forum posting as they are in email. Many newbies believe that the easiest way to get support is to scream "HELP" in all caps in a subject line. However, the Drupal forums and issues are very active. Many Linuxlookup members check the recent content page and scan the titles. They prioritize how they may use their limited time by offering support where they feel they can provide direct assistance. So a post like "Getting error X in installation" or "Help with thinking through corporate Internet site design" is more likely to attract someone who can assist with your problem.

Detailed specifics.

Often, before someone may be able to assist you, they will need to know the Linux distribution, some detail on environment, the specific error generated, and other information. Vague support requests just end up requiring a volley of question and answer, lengthening the time it takes to resolve an issue.

Ignore flames and rude tones.

Linuxlookup is a large international community. Since many members are not native English speakers, realize that a brusque tone may be a result of language differences and should not be immediately interpreted as rude. Regardless, if you feel like another user has flamed you, the best response is to ignore the offense and continue working toward discussing productive solutions.

You get more bees with honey than with vinegar.

While it is very easy to become frustrated when grappling with a problem, remember that Linuxlookup community members donate their time in offering support. People are more likely to respond to posts which ask nicely for assistance over those that demand it or complain. Politeness can make a difference.

With volunteer support, not everyone gets a response.

If your post has gone unanswered, perhaps no one that has read your post has the solution to your problem. You might also consider whether the title for the post is specific enough. And if you feel like support response could be better on, please donate some of your time, too, to answering support questions. In a volunteer effort, the only way to improve support is for everyone to participate.

Enable your contact tab.

So that people may offer assistance privately by email, be sure to edit your user account and check the Personal contact form box. This feature does not share your email address, but rather forwards the message to you via